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I like this deck and all but I find it to weak against early Hitmonchans.

Psycic Energy: 16

3 Abra
3 Kadabra
3 Alakazam
2 Mr.Mime
1 Jynx
Double Colorless: 4
2 Tauros
1 Chansey
1 Likitung
2 Lass
3 PlusPower
2 Gust of Wind
3 Pokémon Center
4 Gambler
2 Pokémon Trader
2 Computer Search
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Removal

     My main stratagy is to go all out on offense with Kadabra, Tauros, and
Jynx, while keeping the opponent at a slower pace with Energy Removal and
Super Energy Removal. Or, damage swap to Tauros and use the Rampage attack
to do 70, that should ko the defender and damage swap away next turn. Use
Lass to deny the Energy Denial decks. Gust of Wind to kill the bench and
PlusPower to ensure the kill.  This deck can also be a stall deck if I get
lucky on the flips with Gambler.

This deck seems like a fairly decent deck, but there are changes that
should have been made before the deck was sent to me.  The Abra family
needs to be formulated better.  4/3/3 seems to be good.  I would take out
the Lickitung to open up the card slots.  I would also take out the Jynx
and replace him with a 3rd Mr. Mime, since he will work better with the
overall theme.

The Tauros is a great idea in a damage swap deck.  I would actually try to
find room for a third Tauros and maybe 1-2 more Chansey.  My targets for
the card slots?  I would take out 1 Lass.  Keep one in for stalling/"I need
your hand cleared" purposes, which shouldn't happen that much.  I would
also consider taking out 1-2 gamblers.  You don't need that many,
especially if you are going to try to use them as a stalling strategy,
since you are going to save up your whole hand and then gambler on the last

I would reconsider the PlusPowers.  I really don't know if they are helping
you are not.  If they aren't, those could be open slots for a valuable card
missing from the deck, Scoop Up.  If you are going for a defensive/stalling
deck, I would go with the Scoops, but if you want this deck to be
offensive, I would keep the PlusPowers.

Those are the only changes I would make.  The deck is weak to early
fighting, but then all you have to do is use your psychic attacks to hit
him quick.  That's about the only weakness I see, besides maybe losing more
than you want to a Raindance.

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