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Hey Chip,

     This my mono-grass creation:
2x Vileplume
3x Gloom
4x Oddish
2x Beedrill
3x Kakuna
4x Weedle
2x Golbat
3x Zubat
4x Bill
2x Prof. Oak
2x Comp. Search
2x Poke. Trader
2x Gust of Wind
2x Switch
23x Grass energy

And now for the strategy behiend all this: Speed, Status effects and
Healing (and a small amount of haymaker metagame too.) For speed we have 8
basics and 3 evolutions that can run off one energy, also, evolution is
speedy by succesive attacking\evolving (ex: I put and energy on weedle,
attack, next turn, attach an energy, evolve to kakuna, attack, next turn
etc...) which can be done by all three famillies, exept for a one turn lag
time with Zubat. Also thier is EXTREME card drawing (i have to be careful
of decking myself) with all but 4 trainers involved in getting those cards
out of my deck and into my hand. For status all my Pokemon exept for
Vileplume and Golbat can cause a status change, the best of whom being
gloom, the only pokemon in the game  with automatic confusion.(unless you
count Vileplume, but thats different) Finally for healing we have Vileplume
(a good power, not the best but always useful) and Golbat\Zubat (cheap and
easy subtitutes for Butterfree). This is my deck, plz show me ANYTHING that
could help me, or should i be looking in different places altogether?

Well, I'm back everybody.  After some technical difficulties and the fact
that the pojo wasn't recieving my mail, I am now back and ready to fix some
decks.  In fact, this deck needs some work, and it's time to get my hands
   This deck is decent, but it has some problems.  The first one is that it
has too many evolving lines.  3 evolving families, especially with 2 of
them going up to stage 2, is a tad bit too much.  You will have a hard time
pulling the pokemon that you need to get to the top stages.  The first
thing that I would do is pull a family.  My choice:  The Zubat
family.  They are energy intensive, and aren't that good.  Besides, if you
want the resistance to Fighting, then you can just throw in Scyther, which
work better than the whole family.
   Also, if you are going to stick with 2 heavy evolving families, you are
going to have to change some things about them.  I would go 4/2/?(probably
3) for each family.  Then, I would run about 2-3 breeders and 4 traders.
The breeders work double time since you can use them on either family and
it is much faster, and the traders will get you the pokemon that you need.
   "But where do I get the card slots?"  Simple.  The way you want to run
your families is ok.  You can replace a stage 1 with a stage 2 in each.
With the Zubat family out, you have 5 card slots.  Throw in 4 Scyther and
you have 1 left.  Cut a Bill, a Computer Search and replace them with
traders and you have 4 Traders.  Now you just need to find the room for the
breeders.  I would take out the switches, but that is just me.  It comes to
your personal tastes on what to take out for the breeders.  The switches
will help you fight status effects, but they don't really help Beedrill,
and you can just evolve to heal many of the status effects.

The energy looks just fine, since both of you families are in a way envery
intensive.  The rest of the deck is fine.  That's all that I would change.
The only major weakness to the deck is fire, which is going to be very hard
to get past.  If fire is very dominant in the area, I would switch out the
Scyther for 2 Kangaskhan and 2 of another pokemon.  That should be enough
to let you power up real quick to handle the fire threat.

Good Luck in your tourny days, and I hope these fixes will help.
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