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From: "Don Perdue" <neopolatin@earthlink.net>
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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 20:59:31 -0600

>Hi, i need some help with my deck...it works pretty good but i just need it to be tuned.  dramatic changes are alright too.  my deck is sort of a haymaker/anti haymaker/anti raindance, let me explain...the purpose of my deck is to take out bench pokemon, devolve breeded stage 2's w/ mew and to kill many of the haymaker pokemon
>Here is my deck
>3 Hitmonchan
>1 Hitmonlee
>4 Gastly
>4 Haunter(2 base & 2 fossil)
>4 Gengar
>2 Pr. Mewtwo(Replaced w/ 2 Gym 2 Mewtwo when im not in tourneys)
>2 Fossil Mew
>1 Mr. Mime
>1 Ditto
>4 GOW
>4 Bill
>2 Oak
>2 Energy Rem.
>2 Energy Ret.
>2 PokeTrader
>15 Psy Energy
>7 Fight Energy(I need more of these but i dont know what to lose)
>i really need more fighting energy but i dont know what to lose, i seem to draw the right cards when playing but it doesnt look to good on paper
>thanks a lot
>Dan P.
>I like this deck, in fact I've played a deck similar to it recently so I feel I have some insight in regards to its performance.  On paper it actually looks OK, in gameplay it struggles because of one thing... HITMONCHAN!  Right now his raw power is totally negated by all the resistance to fighting and the fact Psychic is a popular deck choice.  For weeks now I've come up short at tournaments because I continued to play Hitmonchan.  My suggestion would be to run this deck similar to Scott's "Sponge" deck by taking out the fighting for a better basic, namely Electabuzz.
For those of you unsure why the deck is called sponge, it refers to Promo Mewtwo's ability to suck up energy from the discard pile.  The "play" is to have Mewtwo as your active Pokemon first turn and use either Oak or CPU Search to drop energy into the discard pile so they can be absorbed preping Mewtwo to serve for 40 damage the following turn!  The more reliable offense of the deck comes from Electabuzz...no fancy combo's here, just attack, attack, attack, then attack some more!  Wow is Gastly good... two attacks, zero retreat, no weakness, resistance to fight, and powerful evolutions.  An active Haunter on the other side of the table is a scary thing indeed!  An attack that deals damage and causes sleep is indeed annoying, even if you're lucky enough to wake up you still have to deal with that Pokemon Power that renders all attacks useless 50% of the time!!  The final slots you can fill in depending on the meta-game in your area.  I included a Mr. Mime due to its Pokemon Po!
wer and strong attack, as well as a Mew due to its inexpensive attacks.  Even the seemingly harmless Devolution Beam can be offensive, use it on an Ivysaur with 4 damage counters for an easy prize!
Not only does Oak and CPU Search combo with Mewtwo but they ensure you have plenty of cards available early in the game.  Since you have plenty of ways to churn thru your deck I included trainers for any situation.  Use Scoop Up and Gust of Wind strategically to protect your Pokemon and finish off your opponents benched Pokemon.  Plus Power gives you an offensive boost when needed and Energy Removal slows down your opponent while you go in for the kill.  Fuji creates another combo with Mewtwo, have him "sponge" as much energy onto him as possible then shuffle him back into your deck to ensure you won't run out of cards.  Finally use Item Finder to re-use your "killer" trainers multiple times to further exploit their power.

Most decks require Energy Retrieval to keep powered up versus an Energy Removal deck.  Nice thing about this deck is Mewtwo and Gastly both have built in retrieval effects, giving the deck extra space for more trainers!

4 Electabuzz
4 Gastly
2 Haunter
1 Gengar
3 Promo Mewtwo
1 Mew
1 Mr. Mime

4 Professor Oak
4 Energy Removal
3 Plus Power
2 Computer Search
2 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Item Finder
1 Mr. Fuji

7 Electric
15 Psychic

Hope this helps!  Have Fun!