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From: "Aaron Cross" <azza@netserv.net.au>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:21:16 +0800

>I have recently purchased my first deck of pokemon cards and i got the overgrowth deck.  I have modified it slightly but it doesn't seem to be very good at all.  Could you plz help.  I am not able to get my hands on any of the fossil or jungle sets yet but i can get the basic cards.  This deck needs some serious help.
>Grass x 12
>Water x 12
>Weedle x 4
>Kakuna x 2
>Beedrill x 1
>Bulbasaur x 4
>Ivysaur x 2
>Tanglea x 1
>Koffing x 1
>Staryu x 3
>Poliwag x 2
>Poliwhirl x 1
>Squirtle x 1
>Wortortle x 1
>Magikarp x 3
>Gyarados x 1
>Porygon x 1
>Bill x 2
>Switch x 2
>Gust of wind x 1
>Revive x 1
>Defender x 1
>Pokemon Trader x 1
>My strategy is to get any pokemon out to deal cheap OK damage while stalling to build up Gyarados, Poliwhirl, Beedrill, and Ivysaur.  Is this deck okay to beat an electric/psychic deck, plz help.
>It's always a challenge putting together a good deck using very few rares!  I'm sure in the next issue of Pojo the Magazine there will be a review of the Overgrowth deck, be sure to check it out!  Let me see what I can do to help you in the mean time. 

All preconstructed decks use multiple crap evolution lines...you don't have to go that route.  Make the Beedrill evolution line your main evolution, you should have no problem trading for a Beedrill.  His free retreat, resistance to fight, and 2 good attacks make him very worth while.  I like how Weedle has a 1 energy attack, Kakuna has 2 Energy attacks, and Beedrill has 3 Energy attacks!  A very smooth evolution with poison attacks in each stage, a very frustrating status attack!  Koffing should also be easy to get and has a win-win attack. For water Pokemon stick with Gyrados because he rocks, but also add in Seel and Dewgong.  Neither are rare and have good HP and attacks.

With three evolution lines, use trainers that will support them.  It should be a priority to get 4 of Bill ASAP, as well as Professor Oak.  These guys give you the card drawing you absolutely need to find the right order of evolutions.  Defender and Potion will keep your weaker basic Pokemon healthy, and Energy Retrieval will ensure you can keep those expensive attacks powered up to rip threw the opponent!

4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
4 Koffing
2 Magicarp
1 Gyrados
3 Seel
2 Dewgong

4 Bill
2 Prof Oak
2 Defender
2 Potion
2 Pokemon Trader

3 Energy Retrieval
10 Water Energy
14 Leaf Energy

Hope this helps!  Have Fun!