Alright, everyone knows that SBZ's format has been changed from unlimited to modified, so, I decided to sift through all the decks I've got stockpiled from people for a modified deck to fix. After about a good 25 decks later, I found this one.  So yes, here is a nifty steelix/tops deck.  And in a couple minutes, you'll see how it goes from nifty to spiffy!

Pokémon: 19

3 Cleffa
3 Kabutops
3 Kabuto
3 Steelix
3 Onix (SI)
1 Mabgy

1 Pichu
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 15
7 Fighting Energy
4 Metal Energy
1 Rainbow energy

1 Full Heal Energy
2 Recycle Energy

Trainers: 26
4 Professor Elm
4 Bill
1 Focus Band

3 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Fossil Egg
3 Mysterious Fossil
3 Double Gust
1 Healing Field
1 Time Capsule

This is a modified modified deck. This deck works very simple, just get 3 Kabutops in the early game and Steelix for the late game.....Can you help me to fix it??  I really needs your help..Please..


Alrighty, here we go with a spiffy new look for a fun deck. What's nice about steelix/tops is that they cancel out the others' weaknesses.  Facing fire? No prob, get a couple tops powered and mize. Having aggrivation with grass pokeys? Steelix is your main bugger here with it's resistance.


Unless steelix is the main guy in your deck, a 2-2 line is necessary. Iggly's nice as  most good grass decks have taken to running Unknown M, however I'd dump the magby for a tyrouge. Other than that, it looks fine.


The only problem with the trainers pretty much is that we have to modernize them =\.   First of all, replace the Bills with Copycats, replace your capsule with Town Volunteers (Boratia of the City sounded cooler :\ ), and you also might wanna replace healing fields with 2 Ecogym as even though it's not seen often, there is some removal in modified (i.e. kingdra's twister and blastoise from exp's Jetstream power) and it seriously sucks having all your metals removaled =\. Maxing out on your gold berrys, dropping a fossil egg, and adding another gust will wrap up this section of the spiffy fix.


Dump the rainbow, it's not really necessary. Personally, I like Warp Energy over FHE as you can get out of a mean look as well as status effects. That's about it, methinks *looks over her deck-fixin' notebook and all it's scratchouts and stuff for anything she missed.* Yup, I think that's it.

Final list-age for the SPIFFY Steelix/tops deck

Pokemon: 17

3 Cleffa
3 Kabuto
3 Kabutops
2 Onix(SI)
2 Steelix
1 Pichu
1 Tyrouge
2 Igglybuff

Trainers: 28

4 Elm
4 Copycat
1 Focus Band
4 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Fossil Egg
3 Mysterious Fossil
4 Double Gust
1 Town Volunteers
2 Ecogym

So yes, now your deck has gone from nifty to SPIFFY! Don't you feel proud!  Send me more Modified decks because Modified is FUN! And SBZ is coming up soon, as well!