Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 3:32 PM
Subject: Rain - Wigglytuff
My deck is ok but can you help me make it better. Thanks!


4 Mewtwo (mp)
3 Cleffa
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
2 Sneasel
1 Ditto


4 PlusPower
4 Gust of Wind
4 Oak
3 Elm
3 Energy Removals
1 Super Energy Removal
1 Item Finder
1 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
1 Scoop Up
1 Switch


14 Psychic
4 Double Colorless
2 Dark
1 Rainbow

Strategy: Quick drawing using Oak getting Mewtwo powered up and hopefully a
full bench for Wigglytuff and Sneasel

Your lineup needs a little work. The MP Mewtwos need to go. Mean Look + Slowkings = Good game.

-4 Mewtwo (MP)
-2 Sneasel

+1 Cleffa
+1 Wigglytuff
+2 Scyther
+2 Tyrogue

The maxed out Cleffas and the 3-3 Wigglytuff line will help this deck be so much more consistent in getting a fully powered 'tuff and a full bench. You can't go wrong with Scyther. A good solid card that has resistance to Fighting. Although Tyrogue's attack takes a flip, it can own Chansey, Buzz and Fable on a good day. ;P

Drop all of the Psychic, Darkness and Rainbow Energies since we have no use for them anymore. Try:

+5 Grass Energy
+4 Recycle Energy

Recycle Energy works wonders with Wigglytuff. Especially since Wiggly is vulnerable to Removal. Think about it, a full bench and 3 Recycles on Wigglytuff. :O Since we're running Scyther, Grass is probably the best basic energy to run. 4 Recycle/4 DCE wouln't be enough and Grass gives you the option to Swordsdance with Scyther.

Lets even your Trainers out a bit

-4 Pluspower
-3 Energy Removal
-1 Professor Elm
-1 Professor Oak
-1 Gust of Wind
-1 Switch

+2 Super Energy Removal
+2 Nightly Garbage Run
+4 Lass
+3 Item Finder
+2 Computer Search
+3 Gold Berry
+2 Cinnabar Gym

Nightly should be in all decks. Being able to shuffle any 3 Pokemon and/or Basic Energy cards into your deck without any downfalls is great. Oh my, the 4 Lass is godly. Besides that fact that it will take your opponent a few turns to recover after Lass/Eeeeeeek, it's great protection for Wigglytuff against Removals. Gold Berry is the BEST damage recovery option there is in the game. Period. It makes Wiggly even harder to stop. You probably already guessed what Cinnabar Gym is doing in here. Its basically a default gym against Sprout Tower and Chaos.

With the 2 extra slots left, add in another Ditto and a Magby for when you're against Slowking.

Your deck should now look something like this

- Pokemon: 17
- 4 Cleffa
- 3 Jigglypuff
- 3 Wigglytuff
- 2 Scyther
- 2 Tyrogue
- 2 Ditto
- 1 Magby

- Trainers: 30
- 4 Item Finder
- 4 Lass
- 3 Professor Oak
- 3 Computer Search
- 3 Super Energy Removal
- 3 Gust of Wind
- 3 Gold Berry
- 2 Professor Elm
- 2 Cinnabar City Gym
- 2 Nightly Garbage Run
- 1 Scoop Up

- Energy: 13
- 5 Grass Energy
- 4 Recycle Energy
- 4 Double Colorless Energy

There ya go, a nice solid Wigglytuff variant. I hope it's to your liking.