Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 7:01 PM
Subject: Rain - Roaring Flames
pokemon  27

3 Cleffa
4 Blaines Charmander lv16
3 Blaines Charmeleon
3 Blaines Charizard
3 Blaines Growlithe lv 20
3 Blaines Arcanine
2 Entei (holo)
3 Slugma
3 Macargo

trainers  15

2 Cinnabar City Gym
4 Professor Elm
3 Good Mannersss
3 Time Capsule
3 Blaine

18 fire energys


Hmmm...lets just focus on just one evolution line. How about Blaine's Charizard? I see it being used competetively all the time. Lets give it a shot...
Drop all of your Pokemon besides the Cleffas, Blaine's Charmanders and Charizards. Giving you 17 slots. Try this...

+2 Scyther
+2 Magmar (F)
+2 Tyrogue
+1 Magby

Scyther is an all around good card. Probably one of the best setup Pokemon in the game. Magmar fits in this deck, perfectly. Tyrogue is great against cards like Clefable and Chansey that dominate the Standard enviroment. Magby is for those special occasions when you encounter Slowking. ;/

Drop 5 Fire Energy for 3 Recycle Energy, with 2 extra slots left over.

Ontop of the 9 extra slots from above, drop the following...

-3 Good Manners
-3 Blaine
-4 Professor Elm
-2 Cinnabar City Gym
-1 Time Capsule

To make this deck perform faster, you need cards like Professor Oak, Computer Search and Item Finder. They will give you the reliability you need to win games.

+4 Computer Search
+3 Item Finder
+3 Professor Oak

Steel Chansey could become a big problem for this deck, even if you're running Tyrogue. Once it gets going, it's really hard to stop if you don't play removals. I strongly suggest playing about 3 Super Energy Removal. That will be the difference maker against Chansey.

I'm suprised you're not playing cards like Gust of Wind, Gold Berry and Lass. They should be in MOST (99.9%) Standard decks.

+3 Gold Berry
+2 Lass
+2 Gust of Wind
+2 Sprout Tower

Gold Berry will help heal Blaine's Charizard after a heavy attack. Lass and Eeeeeeek = ultimate trainer disruption. The best way to put GoW is that it gives you a little control over your opponent, which can win you games. Sprout Tower is pretty much a default gym and helps weaken the popular Colorless Pokemon.

And of course, we need Pokemon Breeder for a 2nd turn Blaine's Charizard. Play 3 of those.

Change the Blaine's Charmanders to the Lv.16 one, and your set.

Your deck should now look something like this...

Roaring Flames v1.2

- Pokemon [17]
- 4 Blaine's Charmander Lv.18
- 3 Blaine's Charizard
- 3 Cleffa
- 2 Magmar (F)
- 2 Scyther
- 2 Tyrogue
- 1 Magby

- Trainers [27]
- 4 Computer Search
- 3 Item Finder
- 3 Professor Oak
- 3 Super Energy Removal
- 3 Pokemon Breeder
- 3 Gold Berry
- 2 Lass
- 2 Gust of Wind
- 2 Time Capsule
- 2 Sprout Tower

- Energy [16]
- 13 Fire Energy
- 3 Recycle Energy

Hope my fix was to your liking. Good Luck. :)