Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 1:41 AM
Subject: Deck fix from Jeremy Borchardt "Burn up."
Hey, I'm sending in my deck because I just got back from a Books-a-Million thing and I didn't win once. I noticed that I get a lot of bad hands so I need a lot of cards that many different uses. I put in all my strategies so you could improve them and take out the bad strategies. I do good when I fight against slowking & rockets zapdos but rockets mewtwo is a problem (sometimes). Gatr isn't popular in my area, neither is sneasle. Blaines Arcanine and decks with 56 psychic energies and 4 base mewtwos are my worst enemies. I call my deck "Burn up."

My averaged win rate is about 2/3 (not counting today).

2 Entei (Non-Holo)
3 Cyndaquil (50 HP)
2 Quilava (70 HP)
3 Typhlosion (Fire Recharge)
2 Cleffa (Eeeeeek)
2 Elekid
1 Clefairy
3 Clefable
2 Chansey

2 Bill
2 Elm
3 Time Capsule
2 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Gold Berry
3 Poke Breeder

18 Fire
1 Recycle
1 Double Colorless

Strategy/ Card Uses:
Enetei- Free Retreat and ER & SER protection.
Cyndaquil- Typhlosion & First turn attacker.
Quilava- Staller & Killer
Typhlosion- Big gun
Cleffa- Gets me what I need & Poke Breeder+Cleffa+Clefble= Fast Kills.
Elekid- Energy Crisis & Strong against water.
Clefairy- Just incase I don't get a Poke Breeder.
Clefable-Kills Rockets Mewtwo, Rockets Zapdos, & Magcargo.
Chansey- Staller
Bill-Drawing Power & Cleffa+Bill= Anit-Deck.
Elm- Anti-Deck & Drawing Power.
Time Capsule- Gets back Typhlosion line and fire energy.
Energy Removal-Slows my opponet down.
Super Energy Removal- Stops My opponet for atleat 1 turn.
Gust Of Wind- Char+GOW=Ownage
PokeBreeder-Gets up Clefable & Typhlosion. (Hmm I hate to say this but it doesn't work on Cleffa to Clefable, Pokemon Breeder says a stage two Clefable is a stage one.)
Recycle Energy-Free Super Energy Removal
DCE-First turn Scrunch

Well, I have loved playing Typhlosion for a few months now its on of the best standard decks out there right now.


Now you have some good ideas but that only gets us so far if we want it to work well we have to drop some stuff. The Entei will be first up again its a great idea but we can do better, next the Elekid is not really needed and finally the Chanceys have to go. Now lets get this Typhlosion line up to its full potential a 4/3/3 line should work well the extra Cyndaquil and Quilava will help get it out better. Now the Clafable + Pokemon Breeder thing didn't work out so We have to adjust this line to 2/2. Now lets add a Tyrogue to hit Colorless Pokemon Clafable, Wigglytuff, Chancey. Now every Typhlosion deck in standard should be playing at least one Fossil Moltress! Its Wildfire attack will win alot of games that have gone down to the last few cards because you can just discard there last few cards. This card has won me so many games its not funny.


Well, this is where I always find the biggest problems, this isn't to bad but it still needs an overhaul. Draw Power should be 3 Oak and 3 Elm It seem to be a great number it works in most evolving decks. Drop the Bills. Cut the Time Capsules down to one. Search power...... wait its missing from this deck! 3 Computer Searches should do. Now to add these I have to cut down the energy but that should still be fine. Lass 3 its so good with Eeeeeeek that its a must in most decks now. Now Energy Removals lets up this a bit 3 Energy Removals and 3 Super Energy Removals should do the trick, The supers can be comboed with the Typhlosion Recharge power. and toss it in 2 Pokemon Towers so you can remove there Recycle Energy and it will stay in there discard pile. Heres a few quick fixes -1 Pokemon Breeder -1 Gold Berry -1 Gust of Wind.


I had to add a lot to the trainers so it came out of here but this is still plenty. Drop down to 14 Fire, drop the Recycle the Pokemon Tower Kills it, and the DCE is not needed. now it can be played with as low as 11 fire but it can get risky then. Now you said Mulligan Mewtwo decks are giving you trouble??? Here is a simple way to beat them place a Cleffa up front then they have to flip to attack, then you can kill them with a Typhlosion in one hit. Energy removals will kill it also. Blaine's Arcanines should be easy to kill with the Clefables, and the Energy Removals make it hard to keep energy on them.

4 Cyndaquil (50 HP)
3 Quilava (70 HP)
3 Typhlosion (Fire Recharge)
3 Cleffa (Eeeeeeek)
1 Tyrogue 1 Moltress (Fossil)
2 Clefairy
2 Clefable

3 Oak
3 Elm
3 Lass
3 Computer Search
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust Of Wind
2 Gold Berry
2 Poke Breeder
2 Pokemon Tower
1 Time Capsule

14 Fire

Jeremy Borchardt