Howdy My friend,

I'm a relatively new Pokemon player (2-3 months
playing), and I need some advice on my Water deck.
Since I'm a rookie, I can't really tell you what decks
I'm fighting most. 

Here is my FruitsoftheSea deck:

20x water energy

1x Blaine's Ryhorn (Reason: Elect. resistance)
1x Brock's Rhyhorn (Reason: Elect. resistance)
1x Erika's Clefairy (Reason: Lunar Power)
3x TeamRocket Magikarp
2x Base Gyarados
2x Misty's Goldeen (Reason: I like it's Confusion)
1x Misty's Seaking (Reason: 2Energy=30+bench attack)
3x Misty's Horsea
2x Misty's Seadra (Reason: Possible 90damage attack)

1x CeruleanCity Gym (Reason: Retreat/bump other Gyms)
3x Bills
2x Switch
3x Energy Removal
2x Potion
2x Super Potion
2x Prof Oak
2x Nightly Garbage Run
2x Energy Retrieval
2x Poke Ball
3x Gust of Wind

I was also thinking of adding 1 more Goldeen/Seaking.

What do you think?  I bet it needs a lot of work.  So
far it has worked well with most medium level players,
but not so well with more advanced players.'

I thank you for your time.

Well since this was a water deck, I decided to look this one over with Sweet
Polly (Prudence_Moon to those of you on the mIRC chat). The deck is a pretty
good idea and would probably work decent, but lets see if we can improve it.

Sweet Polly: Water/Fighting can work. Lets get rid of the Gyrados line
because magikarp is just unplayble.
Underdog: Replace it with Wooper/Quagsire?
Sweet Polly: Good idea.
Underdog: We can keep the Horsea/Seadra line. He never said which Misty's
Horsea he was using. I think the 50hp one is better dont you? trade the 1
energy 10 attack for 10 more hp and the blur atack is slightly beter than the
smokescreen attack.
Sweet Polly: I think so too.
Underdog: How about Misty's Poliwag/Poliwhirl and maybeGligar?
Sweet Polly: Looks playable. No wait. Pooo. Thats too much grass weakness.
Underdog: Hmm.Yeah. A scyther could rip that deck apart. We have to replace
one of the grass weak lines.
Sweet Polly: Keep Wooper/Quagsire.
Underdog: Yeah, it really belongs in every water/fighting deck.
Sweet Polly: Let me look at my cards.................What about Martine?
Underdog: HEY thats a GREAT idea. The lightning weakness is ok because we
have resistant pokemon to cover for it. And it has 60hp, 1 retreat and an
agility like attack for only 2 energy.
Sweet Polly: Yup
Underdog: I think we can live with 2 Gligar since it has free retreat. How
about we add 2 Ditto for its versitility and because it can shut down
Clefable and bag strike a sneasel? We have allready taken care of Rockets
Zapdos with Wooper and the fire pokemon with all our water pokemon.
Sweet Polly: Good idea
Underdog: Ok then 3/2 on both the evo lines, 2 Martine, 2 Gligar, 2 Ditto?
Sweet Polly: I love it!!!


Underdog: We have evolutions so we are going to need lots of card drawing and
searches. Lets borrow a few 3 slots from our energy to squeeze in some more
trainers too.
Sweet Polly: Yup
Underdog: Lets take the 5 slots for oak/bill and make them 3 Oaks and 2 Elms.
Elm helps us not discard our evos and trainers sometimes. And lets replace
Pokeball with 3 Computer Searches.
Sweet Polly: OK
Underdog: I dont think 1 gym is enough, and since we only have the one
Misty's line now and Horsea has free retreat, Cerulian City Gym isnt vert
helpful. How about we trade em for Sprout Towers to slow down the Wigglies?
Sweet Polly: That would work
Underdog: Now, for healing items, how about we replace the Potions and Super
Potions with 2 Golden Berry and 2 Scoop Up?
Sweet Polly:*Nods*
Underdog: Gust of Wind is fine at 3.
Underdog: The energy removals are fine at 3, but lets replace our 2 switch,
which we wont need much since all our basics have 0 or 1 retreat and we have
Scoops and Berry's for our evolutions, with Super Energy Removal.
Sweep Polly. *Nods again*
Underdog: We probably wont need the retrievals with all out card drawing, so
lets go with 3 NGR. Then we could use the last 2 slots for Item Finders?
Sweet Polly: Sounds wondermous.
Underdog: Wow you agreed with everything I did in the trainers section? Maybe
great minds really do think alike
Sweet Polly: *giggles*


Not much to say here. 10 Water, 4 Fighting and 3 Rainbow should give us
plenty of  flexibility.

So the final deck would look like this

3 Misty's Horsea Lvl 16
2 Misty's Seadra
3 Wooper
2 Quagsire
2 Martine
2 Gligar
2 Ditto

3 Professor Oak
2 Professor Elm
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Removal
3 Computer Searches
2 Item Finders
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Gust of Wind
2 Golden Berry
2 Scoop Up

10 Water
4 Fighting
3 Rainbow

Special for your assistance Sweet Polly

Good luck with this deck, let us know how it did ok?