YO man how u doin?!? hope everythings ok overthere. This mail is obviously 4
to help me fix my deck, i know it's kinda sucky but i've won some games, so
here i goes (i'll be gratefull if u can fix it as soon as posible cuz i wanna
try it in tournament play)

4x plus power
3x oak
3x gust
2x switch
2x comp search
2x pokemon trader
2x lass
1x item finder
1x chaos gym
1x resistance gym

3x cleafeary (neo, the best 4 ever!!!)
3x cleafable
3x buzz
3x chan
2x ditto
1x cleffa
1x elekid

7x fighting energy
7x lighting energy
4x double colorless
1x full heal energy

I know is really bad but was the best i could do, besides my trading skills
arent the best and boosters are kinde expensive here.
Btw my deck's name is "Cleffhaymaker"
Cya around (austin=Argentina ROCKS PPL!!!!!!)

Actually, this deck isnt bad at all. The trainers need a little bit of work,
but the pokemon are really solid. I wont even need a super energy pill for
this one.


For the most part your pokemon look really solid. Clefable is a great pokemon
in the current environment because it allows you to destroy a Rockets Zapdos
with no self damage, and allows you to bag strike those annoying Sneasel out
of existance among other things. All for the cost of a single energy. Ditto
has allways been good because of similar reasons, though it is a little more
dangerous now with all the baby pokemon running arround to lower its HP to
30. Cleffa is almost a necesity in the Slowking, Dark Vileplume, Chaos Gym
heavy environment where it can become virtually impossible to get a new hand
otherwise. Electabuzz is, well,  Electabuzz (I dont really have to explain
this one do I?).

Im only going to make a couple changes here. Drop the 3 Hitmonchan (It's a
ghost of the pokemon it used to be) and replace it with a 4th Clefairy and
and 2 Gligar. Then drop the Elekid in favor of a 2nd Cleffa. This does 2
things. It allows you to run a near colorless deck, and allows you a beter
chance of getting Clefable out. Gligar may have 10 less HP than Hitmonchan,
and it may take 2 energy for it's attack instead of 1, (but hey its colorless
energy) and yes it does have Grass weakness (hey in the current environment
I'm usually overjoyed when I see them power a Scyther instead of something
else), but the free retreat and the ability to run just 1 color of energy
will usually more than make up for this.


These need a little more work, but not much. Professor Oak, Gust of Wind, and
Lass are just fine at their current levels.

Lets dump the Plus Power (Ive never been overly fond of this trainer, though
in ceartian decks it can be a near necesity), the Switch (You will see why in
the energy section below), the Pokemon Trader (Its good, but we need room),
and Bill (We will replace it with Professor Elm, and the presence of a second
Cleffa).We are also going to take 2 extra slots from our energy, meaning we
now have 14 slots to use for trainers.

Lets use 3 of them for Professor Elm. This trainer helps us keep from
discarding cards like Clefable, Computer Search, Nightly Garbage Run, and
Item Finder that might be useful later and still get a new hand.

Lets replace the 4 Plus Power with 4 of the incredibly useful Super Energy
Removal. It's not as good as it once was, (at one time it was the second most
useful trainer in the game next to Professor Oak) but it's still a very good
card that no deck that doesnt run high energy cost or special energy pokemon
(and therefore need No Removal or Eco Gym) should be without.

Lets use 2 slots for Nightly Garbage Run. Its needed in most decks to get
energy back, but especially in decks with evolutions so you can get the evos
back if you have to "Oak" them away.

Lets ues 3 more slots to add the incredibly useful Golden Nut. Nearly all
decks should feature some kind of healing, (Golden Nut, Scoop Up, or
somethimes Pokemon Center), and the mostly high HP basics will generally
benifit more from this than Scoop Up (also, you wont lose the Clefable to the

Lets use the last 2 slots to boost the Computer Search and Item Finder count
by 1 each.

In one final tweak, lets change the gyms to Narrow Gym. Chaos Gym is good,
but only in decks that are built around it (this one isnt), and Resistance
Lowering Gym is good in mono color decks (this one isnt), but both can come
back to haunt you in this deck.


Well you no longer need the fighting energy, so lets dump that. I borrowed 2
slots from the energy to boost your trainers so that leaves 5 slots. Use 1 to
boost the Full Heal Energy to 2, and use the other 4 for Recycle Energy. The
presence of all this Recycle energy will allow for "free" Super Energy
removal, a decreased need for Nightly Garbage Run, and will make the retreat
cost of Elecabuzz and Clefable much easier to deal with since one or both of
the energy might go right back to your hand.



4 Clefairy (Neo)
3 Clefable
3 Electabuzz
2 Gligar
2 Ditto
2 Cleffa

3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finders
3 Gust of Wind
3 Golden Nut
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Super Energy Removal
2 Lass
2 Narrow Gym

Hope this deck cleans house at that tourney and thanks for sending it my way.