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Hi hi! ;-)
lalalala...expect a new Twisted Challenge this week...'n stuff!! :-D
Hello Satoshi!  I have a basic removal deck for a tourny that only
allowes grass pokémon, colorless pokémon, basic grass energy, and
trainers.  The theam is to slap down Koga's Beedrill and whack them
up-side the head with paralisis AND poison.  If I cant seem to get the
'Drill out soon enough, Koga's Golbat will confuse the enemy.  Noctowl
is there to take out that No Removal Gym that your opponent might have
or that Oak.  My problem is I put in too many good cards and then don't
know what to take out.  My deck is as follows:

x4 Koga's Beedrill
x4 Koga's Kakuna
x4 Koga's Weedle
x4 Koga's Zubat
x3 Koga's Golbat
x2 Hoothoot
x1 Noctowl
x1 Erika's Cleafairy (For the evelutions)

x4 Super Energy Removal
x4 Energy Removal
x4 Sabrina's Psychic Control (Steal that Oak!)
x3 Gust of Win(d)
x2 Koga
x1 Master Ball (for evelutions and basics)

x19 Grass energy
Thanks for reading this.  Please post this!
Okay, stuff to do, stuff to do....

First of all, Erika's Clefairy, Hoothoot and Noctowl must take their leave
of this deck...
*/me kicks them away*
In their places add in 2 Masterball and 2 Itemfinder.

Next up, the trainers. Remove the four Sabrina's Psychic Control for four
Professor Oak-can't beat the real thing. ;-) Next, let's remove the four
regular ER for 3 Farfetch'd/Scyther and a CPU Search. Finally, out come 3
Grass Energy for 1 Itemfinder and 2 more CPU Search.

Energy is good. Nothing needs switching here.

Here it is!!

Revised "Denied!"
4 Koga's Weedle
4 Koga's Kakuna
4 Koga's Beedrill
4 Koga's Zubat
3 Koga's Golbat
3 Farfetch'd/Scyther
4 Oak
3 CPU Search
3 Itemfinder
4 Super Energy Removal
3 Masterball
2 Koga
16 Grass Energy

There y'are. :-)

Lemme explain the Farfetch'd/Scyther deal.
Scyther is known(and used)for his speed with DCE. If you want to stick with
Grass, I'd use him. However, if ya want the possibility of some quick
damage, go with Farfetch'd. Since the tourney is grass only, Buzz/Zappy will
not be a problem.
Good luck and happy gaming!!