*ding ding!*
Blastoise, quit jumping up an down like that!...yes, I know you
are nervous and excited and stuff, but just stand still...he'll be here in a
little while.

Hello everyone. Blastoise is a bit excited today, 'cause we're gonna have a
semi-special deck fixee today. It turns out that GrayFox, the dude from the
Pojo and PokeGym message boards and the guy that introduced the Paradox to a
heck of a lot of people, wants my help with his Blaine's Moltres deck. Well,
since I've spoken with Gray before, this ain't such a big deal-but for
Blastie here it's a dream come true.
See, Blastoise has been a fan of GrayFox since he submitted a deck to us
last June-a Raindance deck, I might add. Since then, my Hydro-Pumping pal
has been waiting to meet him, and--oh wait!! He's here!

*stomp stomp stomp...stompstompstompstomp*

Gah! Blastoise, what have I told you about tackling our guests? Sigh, well,
I hope you can let me see your deck with him hanging all over you like that,
Gray. Let's see what we've got.
It's me, GrayFox! Yeah, Last time I sent a deck to you, it was June 12th,
2000, and I was a mad newbie. Anyway, this isn't Squirtle n' Company, just
that durned GrayFox Project of Blaine's Moltres.

Anyway, this is my on-going Project...been lasting me 4 months (and
in a tournament enviroment.

The strategy of the Deck focuses around the possible Turn 3 90 Damage with
the use of Blaine's Moltres. Most people thought Blaine's Moltres was
horrible when Heroes came out, well, a lot of people still do think Moltres
sucks. This deck actually does good, and has became my signature deck.

The startegy also requires proper setup and control over the first few
In turns 1-3, I focus on insane amounts of Trainer Disruption. Lass works
great with Cleffa, while it leaves the opponent crippled. On Turn three, I
should have ran through MUCH of my deck via Misty's Wrath and Professor Oak.
I usually leave myself with 10-15 cards left in my deck (when I get Moltres
powered up). I bring in Moltres, and here's where the fun begins.

Either flip benefits me Greatly. If Heads, It's great, because I am already
setup for another KO. If Tails, it provides me with major anti-decking. I
shuffle back 6-7 cards into my deck when I flip tails.  Everytime I prepare
for Phoenix Fire, I EXPECT to see a Tails, and if that happens, I bring in
Cleffa to Eeeek back usually gathering my Blaine's Moltres and assorted Fire
Energies back into my hand, thus the Cycle of Insanity shall reign again in
another quick 3 Turns.

I know, waiting 3 Turns is bad. Usually, after the Eeeek process, I bring in
Magmar to Smokescreen and hopefully get a quick KO. By then, another Moltres
should be setup. Anyway, here's my deck...

Pokemon: 9
3x [44] Blaine's Moltres [Big Hitter]
2x [31] Magmar [Support Hitter]
2x [25] Scyther [Setup]
2x [06] Cleffa [Support]

Trainers: 39
4x Professor Oak [Draw Power]
4x Computer Search [Draw Power]
4x Item Finder [Draw Power]
4x Bill [Draw Power]
4x Blaine [Speed]
4x Rocket's Sneak Attack [Disruption]
4x Lass [Disruption]
3x Misty's Wrath [Draw Power]
2x Scoop Up [Rescue]
2x No Removal Gym [Disable]
2x Nightly Garbage Run [Anti-Decking]
1x Gust of Wind [Support]
1x Goop Gas Attack [Disable]

Energy: 12
11x Fire
1x Full Heal

I think i've covered everything, sorry for the long startegy and everything,
Thanks Satoshi! I'll talk to ya on aim ;)

PoJo Moderator (The kool one)<<Satoshi's Note: Hmm. cool one? I don't know
any cool GrayFox, so I'll assume I got this deck from regular ol' GrayFox.
;) j/k Gray!!>>
Okay...let's see what I can do.

Hmmm...well, I really can't say much about the Pokémon...they look great
already. You may try some Chansey in place of the Scyther just in case
things go awry early on, but that's really not absolutely, positively
necessary-just like the words "absolutely, positively" weren't necessary in
this sentence. ;)

As for the trainers....I would take out the lone Gust Of Wind and Goop Gas
Attack for another Nightly Garbage Run and No Removal Gym. These two
additions will help you to not deck as fast and not get screwed up by your
opponent's ER tatics. Moltres may be great powered up, but as a bench warmer
he's sub-par.
One other thing I notice is that you've got a heck of a lot of drawing power
in this monster. It may be easier to get Blaine's Moltres out if you take
out a Bill, Wrath and Lass for three Good Manners. This way, you won't need
to waste card drawing when you've got everything but the B's Moltres ready.

The Energy looks good.

All in all, a solidly built deck. Excellent job!
Well, that about wraps it up for now, GrayFox. I'll go fetch Blastoise's
tranqs, and you'll be on your way. Great Moltres deck.


Um, yeah. I said Moltres. Like GrayFox said, it's his signature deck.

BLASTOISE: Blastoise...*grunt*...BLASTOISE!!

Yikes. I forgot how much Blastoise hates fire types. :-\
Grayfox, I would suggest running far, far away about now before Blastoise
here goes Super Saiyan on you.
Good luck and happy gaming!!