Hello everyone. You'll have to excuse the bell not working...and the lights
being out.
I'm sure by now you've heard about the Stage 3 Power Alert in Calfironia.
Well, they cut off our power here at about noon. I did have Starmie out back
using Thunderbolt, but she got tired after a while and we've been in the
dark since.
But I can't let a little something like a power outage keep me from my job
as a deck mech, can I? Nope. So, let's go over to the counter and we'll get
Ouch, stupid stool...my toe...
Grr. Here it is. Now, let's see the deck.
Wazzzzzzzuupp,Satoshi?? I am here to submit a deck to you that I think you
can fix to its full potential for an upcoming tournament. Anyway, on with
the deck :)
Fire types:
3 Cyndaquil lv.21
2 Quilava lv. 28
1 Typhlosion lv. 5
3 Magmar (2 neo, 1 fossil)
1 Magby
Water types:
2 Marill
1 Azumarill
2 Wooper
1 Quagsire
3 Horsea
2 Seadra(1 neo 1fossil)
1 Kingdra
Colorless types:
2 Hoothoot
1 Noctowl
3 Pluspowers
2 Berries
2 Professor Elms
2 Moo-moo Milks
1 Narrow gym
1 Computer Search
1 Energy Retrival
1 Mary
1 Professor Oak
1 Super Scoop Up
10 Fire
10 Water
This deck has only lost 3 battles, and it's been through about twenty. It
seems to have a little bit of trouble against psychics. I was wondering if
you could increase the trainer count, add aome psychic resistance, and
possibly beef up the Pokes. The only things are that the woopers have to
stay, since there are a lot electric decks at Mayhem. Hope you can fix this
piece of work.
Oh my...let's get to work.

The Pokémon need the most help. Get rid of Typholsion and the two Quilava
lv28. In their palces, in go three Quilava lv.35-Char and Smokescreen make
for one annoying Pokémon. Next, let's make all of the Magmar fossil and
remove the Magby.
For the Water types, remove the Marril, Azumarril, Quagsire, and the entire
Horsea line. This, along with the Magby's space, gives us 11 spaces. Add in
three Lapras for a solid basic, leaving us with 8 spaces. Finally, let's
remove the HootHoot and Noctowl for three Erika's Jigglypuff, a hard-hitting
early game basic with a resistance to Psychic.
Here's the Pokémon section now:
3 Cyndaquil lv21
3 Quilava lv35
3 Magmar(f)
3 Lapras
2 Wooper
3 Erika's Jigglypuff

Now, with eight spaces, we move on to the Trainers. Out come the Berry,
Moo-Moo Milk, Mary and Super Scoop Up, giving us 14 spaces. Add in 3 more
Oak, 3 Bill, 3 more Computer Search, 2 more Narrow Gym, and 3 Itemfinder.
That looks good for the trainers:
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
3 Bill
3 Itemfinder
3 Narrow Gym
3 PlusPower
2 Professor Elm
1 Energy Retrieval

Now for the energy. Out comes three Water Energy for three DCE for Erika's
7 Water Energy
10 Fire Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy

There's your fix. I hope this is to your liking!! :-)

Now, all of this deck fixing has made me thristy. I'm gonna mosy on over to
the freezer and see if I can salvage a cold drink before the freezer stops
Doo be doo be doo...Hey! Ouch!

What the-? What did I just trip over? Lesse...five points, sort of a bump in
the center of it...
Aw geez.

STARMIE: HIYAAA! *fwwwoooosssshhh*

*glub glub* Gak! Hey! *sputter* I suggest you leave before Starmie recovers
enough to use Thunderbolt...good luck and happy gaming!!