*ding ding!*
Let's see the deck!
Hi Satoshi!
I've always liked the way that you fix decks. I was wondering if you could
help me with my deck some. The basic strategy is to have a basic haymaker
(which are always fun) and have lots of different types to overcome yours
your opponents weakness and resistance. I have worked on it for about a
and I was looking for a second opinion from someone more experienced than
I was also wondering if you could help me find the right stadium card.

4 Scyther
4 Laparas
4 Magmar (fossil)
2 Electabuzz (Base Set)

4 Energy Search
3 Potion
3 Super Potion
2 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
2 Bill
2 Gust of Wind

7 Water Energy
7 Fire Energy
5 Electric Energy
4 Grass Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
Okay, I'll see what I can do.

The Pokémon need to be tweaked. Take out all the Magmar for one more
Electabuzz and three Neo Magmar. Let's also take out a Lapras. Besides that,
we're okay.

The trainers need some help too. Add in another Professor Oak with the space
from Lapras and take out all of the Energy Search for another Oak, a thrid
bill and two more Computer Search. Next, remove the Potion for three
Itemfinder and the Super Potion for 3 EcoGym or No Removal Gym-whichever you

Take out the Grass Energy for two more DCE, a Switch and another Gust of
Wind. Next, take out one Water and two Fire Energy for 2 NG Cleffa and
another Switch.

I've always liked these kinds of decks for their versatality. However, these
kind of multi-color decks have a tendency to go bad at the slightest whim,
so be careful while playing it. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!