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Hi hi...let's get to the deck.
Can you fix my deck?

Drainage v17

3 Grimer F
3 Dark Muk
1 Muk F
2 Scyther
2 Cleffa
2 Murkrow (the baby trapper, the bench hitting monster, the one and only
1 Ditto

2 Gold Berry
2 Sprout Tower
3 Bill
2 Oak
2 Elm
4 ER
2 Switch
1 Time Capsule

2 Dark
16 Grass

Start with Murkrow or Scyther (for free retreat). If they have a baby
active make sure you get Murkrow there and get a Dark Energy down and
Trap them (from retreating). Otherwise, get some grass on Grimer and
evolve turn 2. I usually get to RSA or Trap them turn 1 and 2. It helps

I'll do a card by card analysis (I'm bored....lol) :

Grimer/Dark Muk
The main part of the deck. With 2 Oak, 2 Elm, and 3 Bill, I have no
trouble getting him out on turn 2, which is purely EVIL. There has not
been a game when I didn't get them out. Muk IS my favorite Pokemon
anyways :)

Muk Fossil
I've always had him in. With Snorlax, Blastoise, Meganium Lv.57,
Feraligatr Lv.69, Dark Vileplume, and many others roaming about with
deadly Pokemon Powers, this card is a MUST in any Dark Muk (ask anyone on
the message boards).

I have him in all of my decks. He is shwayly (yes, I said shwayly)
awesome in a Grass deck too. 60 On turn 2 is a great asset to my deck.

One word: Shway (yes, I said it again-Shway). Like Ness said, it should
be in EVERY deck. It has saved me in TIGHT spots. Eeeeeeek is a great
move. 30 Hp doesn't matter because of the Baby rule. But watch out for

The newest addition. I know I only have 2 Dark Energy, but I've always
got it out EASY. Use him against babies if you can. Mean Look them, then
Feint Attack their bench and destroy them. See RSA.

I had an extra spot and decided to throw him in. He's very versatile,
being able to use DCE for any energy. He can do what Sneasel does in less
time. Very good.

Gold Berry
Dark Muk and Murkrow have low hp. This saves them. It REALLY makes my
opponent ticked off when I attach this card.

Sprout Tower
Chansey is pretty popular around here (but not Pluspower, huh?!). I
haven't seen too many Wigglytuff but this card has saved my life against
Erika's Jigglypuff. I plan to take this card out, though, for Rocket's HQ
when Neo 3 comes out (makes Dark Pokemon's HP increase by 20!!!).

Figure it out :)

Professor Oak
See Bill. Only, if u don't understand, you're pretty dense, and I don't
mean your weight.

Professor Elm
Another new addition. Neo provided Dark Muk with some great cards.

Energy Removal/Super Energy Removal
PERFECT with Dark Muk. ER them to make sure they can't retreat. Sticky
Goo helps with that.

Rocket's Sneak Attack
I love using this card first turn. Combine with Murkrow and Dark Muk to
make sure there aren't any Switch or Scoop Up in their hand to save their
non-retreatable Pokemon (Murkrow) or hard to retreat Pokemon (Dk. Muk).

The Rocket's Trap
I'm hoping to get more. I almost always get heads. This ticks off my
opponent too. Use with RSA for ultimate annoyance.

Gust of Win (the "D" isn't needed)
Gust up those weaklings on the bench after ERing them and massacre with
Dark Muk. Gust up a BABY when using Murkrow and Mean Look them and then
start killing their bench.

I added this because I've been having trouble with Status effects. Works
good too. Save my Cleffa from opposing Murkrow.

Time Capsule
I get REALLY close to decking. This does wonders. I don't care if I can't
play any more trainers. I'll use them before I use this. I don't care if
my opponent uses it too, either.

Grass Energy
What did ya expect?

Perfect with Scyther for 60 turn 2. Great with Ditto too.

Dark Energy
Use with Murkrow and Dark Muk if needed. I'm adding more.

Thanks for any help you can give. Oh, BTW, this deck is 90-8 (it use to
have Beedrill, and then it use to have Koga's Muk, but I decided to focus
on Dark Muk only instead of 2 evolutions).
(that's my name from the message boards)
Wow. O_O You really went to town writing out this deck and card analysis for
me. Thanks. =D

Let's start by taking out the lone Ditto for another Scyther. I think that's
all that needs tweaking here.

For the trainers, take out the Switch and the TRT and Time Capsule for one
more Professor Oak ad three Computer Search. Next, I'd suggest taking out an
ER for another SER just to even things out. Finally, out come 2 Grass Energy
for another Gold Berry and Sprout Tower.

The Energy looks good. You want to playtest to see if you could spare
another Grass Energy for a thrid Dark Energy, but for leave it as it is.

Well, I hope this has helped you. Sorry there isn't a lot to do; this deck
was great to begin with. Good luck and happy gaming!!