Hello Brent Nice Job at the Tournament last month i know you got first i would of been in the finals too if it wasnt for that one loss i had. Anyway i was hoping if you can help me make my deck better so maybe i can get into the finals next time. Heres my deck.

Lock Up


x4 oddish (TR)
x2 Dark Gloom
x2 Dark Vileplume
x4 Scyther
x4 Electabuzz
x2 Snorlax


x4 bill
x2 Prof Oak
x2 CPU Search
x3 Poke Breeder
 x3 Poke Ball
 x2 Poke Trader
x1 No Removal Gym


11 Grass
11 Electric
3 D.C.L

The way this deck works is you need to use the bills and pokeballs poke breeder and poketrade so you can get the vileplume out on the bench as soon as possible so you lock up your oppents trainer cards then use snorlax electzbuzz or scythe to kill his pokemon 1 by 1.

Greetings, Tim. And it's Bret, not Brent ;)... KittyFox works too =). So you are playing with the Dark 'plume, hmm? Well, let's see what we can do to make your deck more dangerous. First thing that I immediately notice is your extreme weakness to fire. You may want to counter this with adding Woopers to your deck. These little guys (only 50HP) can take out a Magmar with a DCE and 2 lucky coin flips in one turn. Add to that the fact that they are resistant to lightning, and you've got a deadly little critter. Let's swap out the Electabuzzes in favor of this new found treasure. Let's also swap out the Scythers in favor of Sneasel who also has a free retreat. Sure he is 10 HP less, but he makes up for it with his Psychic resistance, no weakness, and a POWERFUL Beat Up attack.

Pokemon (13 Basic + 5 Evols = 18 Total):
4 Oddish (TR)
2 Dark Gloom
3 Dark Vileplume
4 Sneasel
3 Wooper
2 Snorlax

As I see you've noticed, energy is essential to a good lock up deck. We need Grass for Oddish and Dark for Sneasel. That's all that is essential to the deck since Wooper can run off colorless.

Energy (10 Basic + 12 Special = 22 Total):
4 Dark Energy
10 Grass Energy
4 Recycle Energy
4 Double Colorless

That leaves us with room for 20 trainers. We want card drawing galore for our trainers since getting out the Dark Vileplume is our method of disruption. Another handy thing for this deck is Gold Berries. You can play them down on an uninjured Pokemon before you evolve into Dark Vileplume, then they get used up when you actually start taking damage on that Pokemon. Pokeball is an extremely unreliable card, so we'll ditch it entirely in favor of something that has a better chance of working.

Trainers (20 Total):
4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Breeder
4 Plus Power

Best of luck to you in your next tournament!