well hi, my name is anthony and I think my deck could use some tuning up and 
I don't knowhat to take out or what to leave so I thought you'd help.
here is my deck:

Pokemon: 11
3 TR zapdos
2 Chansey
2 Sneasel
4 Electabuzz (base set)

Trainers: 18
4 sprout tower
4 plus power
2 oak
4 bill
4 gust of wind

27 electric
4 evil energy

well the test play was good but I knew that i needed somethin' so please 
tell me
and also I hope you responde.

heres the test report:
well I played my friend I at first I did'nt get much energy but 3 and 1 evil 
the pokemon where chansey and sneasel and a sprout tower. well I won but the 
play was rough so tell me whats wrong ok? thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've got the start of a decent deck here, Anthony. The obvious thing to me about it is you need more Sneasels. This Pokemon has become my new favorite basic, personally, due to his overwhelming ability to pound Pokemon down. You'll especially need him against the larger number of players that are starting to play Lightning resistant Pokemon, such as the almighty Wooper. I haven't found Chansey all that useful in a deck like this, unless you are planning on playing with Metal Energy. Since you aren't, let's drop this big beefy egg.

Pokemon (11 Basic + NO Evols = 11 Total):
3 Rocket Zapdos
4 Sneasel
4 Electabuzz

Your biggest problem up to this point with the old deck was the ENORMOUS number of energy cards you were running. A good deck doesn't use near that many. We're dropping you down to 20 energy cards for this deck. Energy distribution is fairly straight forward. Dark Energies are a requirement, as are Lightning.

Energy (16 Basic + 4 Special = 20 Total):
16 Lightning
4 Dark Energy

That leaves us with room for 29 trainers. Yeah, that's a lot... but you'll soon learn why that is so powerful! The more trainers you have in a deck, generally the better your chances of winning. Trainers make or break games. We need to focus on card drawing, recycling Dark Energy back into the deck, speed and damage.

Trainers (29 Total):
4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
2 Professor Elm
4 Plus Power
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Trash Exchange
2 No Removal Gym
2 Sprout Tower
3 Scoop Up
3 Item Finder

Good luck striking down the competition!