Hey KittyFox,

This is my deck called Grass Poke's keep falling on my head. It uses the Bulbasaur line and the Chikorita line. I know that having 2 stage 2 evolution lines are bad, but this is one of the greatest combos for grass pokeomon. My stragety is to evolve Bulbasaur to Venasaur using Breeder or Ivysaur, and Chikorita to Meganium using Breeder or Bayleef. Then use their powers "double" my grass energy and get enegry on the my Scythers, Rocket's Scythers, Chanseys, and Pinsirs. Plus they are great stallers untill I get my evolutions up and running.

Pokemon (22)

3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Venasaur
3 Chikorita (the 50Hp one)
2 Bayleef (the 70Hp one)
2 Meganium (the one with Wild Growth)
2 Scyther
2 Rocket Scyther
2 Chansey
2 Pinsir

Trainers (18)

3 Bill
2 Breeder
2 Oak
3 Pokemon Center
2 Sprout Tower (the reason I use this is to take out any other dangerous gyms, if you have another solution please add it in)

Energy (20)

3 Full Heal Energy
17 Grass Energy
Good start here, Alex; however you are missing one obvious Pokemon... Exeggecutor! Let's take out your Rocket Scythers, Chanseys, and normal Scythers and just stick with Pinsirs and Exeggcutors for your other fighters! We're also going to up your Venusaur and Meganium count while eliminating their Stage 1's all together.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 8 Evols = 20 Total):
3 Bulbasaur
3 Venusaur
3 Chikorita (50HP version)
3 Meganium (w/ Wild Growth)
3 Pinsir
3 Exeggcute
2 Exeggcutors

Your energy distribution is just about right. I'd recommend reducing just slightly though...

Energy (15 Basic + 2 Special = 17 Total):
15 Grass 2 Full Heal Energy

That leaves us with room for 23 trainers. We want your deck to go quickly, so card drawing is essential to this deck. We'll add the Breeders for speed and the Pokemon Centers for healing, naturally. Keep the Sprout Towers, now that you no longer have Chansey, it doesn't hurt you to play them... on top of that it puts a crushing blow to the Wigglytuff decks.

Trainers (23 Total):
4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
2 Professor Elm
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Pokemon Center
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Sprout Tower

Good luck with your deck!