Original Deck

Hello, I am a 41 year old Lawyer that plays with my son in the local tournaments. Here is a deck I am working on. I had a wiggly deck before, but it was occasionally susceptible to Energy removals and gusts. I decided to make a deck with no weakness and free retreat. I use sneasel for attack and the gastly for getting the dark energy back from discard. Also, I use the trap combo to try to slow the opponent down. I have Double Gusts as both a Gust and a Switch since everyone has free retreat.

(from Silvey@catt.com)
Pokemon - 8
4 x Sneasel
4 x Gastly

Energy - 12
4 x Dark
2 x Rainbow
6 x Psychic

Trainers - 40
4 x Bill
4 x Oak
4 x Computer Search
4 x Trap
4 x Sneak Attack
4 x Plus Power
3 x Erika
3 x Double Gust
3 x Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 x Item Finder
2 x Ecogym
2 x Nightly Garbage Run
1 x Chaos Gym

Deck Fix

   This looks pretty well planned out...however, I think the main problem is that there's not enough pokemon. In a usual wiggly you'd have about 12 basics, so in a sneasel you should have about that too. The ghastly idea is great, though you might be better off with energy charge or recycle ;). I'll keep the Gastly because it's a neato idea :) However, you'll want a few more Pokemon. Cleffa will help because it's free retreat, doesn't cost much energy to attack, refreshes your hand, and counters the powerful lass trainer often used. Add 3 of these and the pokemon are set.

   Add one Rainbow and take out a Psychic. This will give you 7 energy for the sneasels, since they're the main hitters, and still leave 5 plus the rainbows if necessary for gastly.

   I really think you'll have trouble fitting trap into this deck and having it work successfully. If you can just get a sneasel out and protect it, or have one as backup, you should easily win without having the risk of having to go first and having to waste your trainers on tails flips. Your deck will become more consistant, though the victories won't seem as great of a margin, and you should improve overall. Take out the traps, IOR, and erikas. Ecogym is great, but chaos gym really won't help you out a ton. With most of your deck trainers, chaos gym will hurt you a lot too... Take that out and add a sprout tower, perfect for countering wigglytuff decks. Add 2 item finders to get back lost trainers. One more way to save on the energy discarding is by playing Professor Elm. While it has a major drawback in not being able to play trainers for the rest of the turn, you get to keep your energy and not give your opponent an extra prize by sacrificing gastly. Take out an Oak and Bill and add in 3 Elms. Also, you'll want 4 Gold Berry to help heal sneasel. This happens to fit right to 37 cards, and no further adjustments are needed :).

Final Deck

Pokemon - 11
4 Sneasel
4 Gastly
3 Cleffa

Energy - 12
4 Dark
3 Rainbow
5 Psychic

Trainers - 37
4 Computer Search
4 Gold Berry 4 Item Finder
4 Plus Power
4 Sneak Attack
3 Bill
3 Double Gust
3 Professor Elm
3 Professor Oak
2 Ecogym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Sprout Tower

Good luck with the deck!