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Hi GLitcH. This deck works fairly well in tournement play but lately I havn't been doing so well. Could you give this deck a tune-up, and point out if I'm not using the right cards? The strategy is board control and quick death for the oppenent. Kinda lika a hay, only with different pokemon.


3 Mewtwo

2 Sneasel

2 Gligar

2 Ditto

1 Cleffa


4 D.C.E

4 Darkness

7 Psychic


4 Oak

3 Bill

3 G.O.W

3 S.E.R

3 E.R

2 Scoop up

2 Resistance Gym

3 Computer Search

3 Item Finder

4 R.S.A

3 +Power

1 Time Capsule

1 Chaos Gym



Hey there! Your deck is looking pretty good, but weíll be able to make a few changes. I feel like there is something I need to sayÖbut I canít think of anything else, so onto the deck!



Hmm, if you are using Sneasel you may want a little more than 10 Pokemon. Letís increase that count 1 in order to improve your chances of getting one on your opening hand. Iím assuming your Mewtwo is the Movie Promo oneÖif not it is now ;). Add in 1 more Ditto to help out Sneasel. Thatíll bring you up to 12 Pokemon and we need to drop 2 cards. That should be about it for here.



Time Capsule isnít too good here, and it ends your ability to use trainers so weíll drop it for 2 Nightly Garbage Run. They serve the purpose much better and donít have that bad affect. The Chaos Gym and Resistance Gym arenít going to go well in this deck, since you rely heavily on trainers and you already have Sneasel to cover your only big weakness, Psychic. Weíll drop those Gyms for 3 EcoGym to protect Sneaselís Darkness Energy. Since youíre going to have EcoGym you might as well drop the ER/SERs. Thatíll leave us with 3 spots available. Add in 1 CPU Search and since youíre concentrating on a quick death for the opponent weíll add in 1 more Plus Power.



Drop 1 Psychic Energy and add in 2 Rainbow Energy. You can count the Rainbow Energy as Darkness Energy if you want, it just wonít have the special effects of Darkness Energy (adding 10 damage to your attack). That should make sure you have enough Energy for Sneasel when you need it.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 12

3 MP Mewtwo

3 Sneasel

2 Gligar

3 Ditto

1 Cleffa



 Trainers - 32

4 Oak

3 Bill

3 Gust Of Wind

2 Scoop up

4 Computer Search

3 Item Finder

4 Rocketís Sneak Attack

4 PlusPower

2 Nightly Garbage Run

3 EcoGym


Energy Ė 16

4 Double Colorless Energy

4 Darkness Energy

6 Psychic Energy

2 Rainbow Energy





Good luck with the new version!!