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Maybe you can help me on this one. I've been doing well with this deck.

I've won 2 tournaments in my place.. and I've lost only 1 since I

started using it... However, I felt that I need to reconfigure it,

specially with the new power cards from Neo.. I've tried battling a

Steelix deck.. and somehow I ended up short of winning. I don't have any

problems with most theme decks, as Clefairy or Wiggly (my main boys)

usually deal with them easily. Tell me what I need to tweak.....



Clefa-Wiggly Combo Deck


Pokemon: 19

3 Scythers

3 Rocket Scythers

3 Gligar

3 Clefairy

3 Wigglytuff

2 Clefable

2 Jigglytuff


Trainers: 22

1 Ecogym

2 Chaos Gym

4 Elm

3 Professor Oak

3 Computer Search

3 Lass

2 Gust of Wind

2 Nightly Garbage Run

2 Item Finder


Energy: 19

4 Double Colorless Energy

2 Full Heal Energy

7 Grass Energy

6 Fighting Energy


Basically my Scythers, Gligars, and Rocket Scythers are there to stall

the enemy while I build up on either Clefable or Jigglytuff. Gligar is

good since he can deal damage at the same time poison to anyone, and

then I can retreat afterwards and place Rocket Scyther in front, who is

great with his Shadow power, plus he can deal a significant amount of

damage as well. I use Chaos Gym is my card, since I use this to lock my

oponents so they'll have a hard time playing trainers. Ecogym is there

to help me against energy removal decks. I placed Lass instead of

Rocket's Sneak Attack, since I think it is more effective overall, and

since I only have 22 trainers, it doesn't hurt as much... Anyway.. tell

me what I need to tweak on this one.







Hiya Edgar! Nice detail and organization.



You have a bit too much Pokemon here. Let’s drop the Jungle Scythers because the Gligar has free retreat and Rocket’s Scyther has better attacks than Jungle Scyther. Still a bit of Pokemon, I’d recommend dropping the Clefable line if you can, if it really helps you though, you could put it back in. Try adding in a Cleffa in case you get in trouble with a Trap or Slowking deck or you can combo it with Lass.



Hmm, I wouldn’t recommend running Chaos Gym in a Wigglytuff deck, as they’re trainer reliant. And you certainly will need a Gym to counter Sprout Tower, so we’ll up the EcoGyms to 3. Since this deck is trainer reliant, using Elm isn’t a very good idea, especially if you already have NGR in it so we’ll drop those for some Bills. Bill is still a pretty good card. Add in an Oak to maximize your card drawing. Add in 1 CPU Search and 2 Item Finder to make sure you’re able to get your gyms out ASAP in case of a sprout tower or to get your Oaks quicker. You might want to add in 4 RSA to make sure your opponent can’t go trainer crazy on his/her first turn if you get to go first. As I’ve seen, in a Wiggly deck, Switch can help a lot in the very end, so we’ll add in just 2 for emergencies. I don’t think you’ll need Lass that much anymore, so we’ll drop that 1.



Energy count was a bit big. It’s been adjusted for the new fix.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 14

3 Rocket’s Scyther

3 Gligar

3 Wigglytuff

4 Jigglytuff

1 Cleffa


Trainers - 30

3 Ecogym

4 Professor Oak

4 Computer Search

2 Lass

2 Gust of Wind

2 Nightly Garbage Run

4 Item Finder

4 Rocket’s Sneak Attack

2 Switch

3 Bill



Energy – 16

4 Double Colorless Energy

2 Full Heal Energy

5 Grass Energy

5 Fighting Energy





Good luck with the fix!! J




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