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Heya GLitcHy! Orlandu here, and I figured my deck could use some tunin'
Anyway, here goes....

2 Shuckle, I know, I know, Shuckle stinks..but being my favorite pokemon, he's in here
4 Chikorita, with 50 hp, only in there to evolve ASAP

4 Meganium (with Luxurious Growth), the focal point of my deck, and i love being able to practically play 2 energy per turn

3 Cleffa, Good card drawing especially since you don't discard evo's
3 Pinsir, 2 G for 50 is outrageous


2 Bellsprout Temple, no colorless attackers in here, so I decided, why not?
3 Golden Nut, GREAT card, IMO, and it has saved me from many KO's
3 Resistance Lowering Gym, The rare but deadly steel nullifies my deck completely, especially without this although it does help a great deal
3 Professor Oak, a must for any deck
2 Lass, good with cleffa
4 Pokemon Breeder, skipping Bayleef to be quicker
4 Computer Search, an all around great card
3 Plus Power, i love springing a surprise on people with that extra 10 or 20 for the unexpected KO

20 Grass Energy, maybe a little much, but after playtesting, I felt it necessary to add enough energy to be able to abuse Meganium's power



Hiya Orlandu! Nice to hear from ya. Interesting deck here, you know I wanna drop the Shuckles. I know how it is to have a favorite Pokemon though…it’s hard to resist putting Weedle in my decks ;-). So we’ll keep it in. For those of you trying to get your decks picked, here are a few reasons why I chose Orlandu’s:

-         60 cards here

-         Good explanation on the cards and spelling

-         Organized into Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy sections

-         Not a big thing, but he used my name in the right case (GLitcH, not glitch/Glitch). For those of you wondering, the capital letters in GLitcH represent my initials, GLH J

One thing that could have made this better though, would be if he had the # of each type of card listed (as in 16 Pokemon, 24 Trainers, and 20 Energy)


Anyway…enough of the rambling, let’s get onto the deck!



Maybe it’s just me, maybe I don’t like Cleffa, but I don’t really see much of a need to have Cleffa in here. I see Cleffa as being useful against Trap decks…but your deck isn’t too trainer based and it should be able to deal without Cleffa. It’s a weak basic that wastes an attack on refreshing your hand, I just don’t think he’s worth it. So drop those and add 3 Ditto to take its place, Ditto is all around and should cover your Fire weakness better. And remember, Resistance Lowering Gym wouldn’t lower Ditto’s attack unless the defending Pokemon is colorless too.



Add in an Oak to speed up things. I see two gyms here, that usually doesn’t work out too well. You should probably focus on Sprout Tower and then if you see some dangerous grass resistant Pokemon, you can pull the Resistance Lowering Gym. I think it isn’t that important though and can be reduced down to 2 at least. We dropped Cleffa, so Lass doesn’t serve much purpose here. We’ll drop that. You should probably add in 3 Item Finders here, they really help out in getting back those trainers you’ve already used when you’re in a tough spot.



With the extra Oak and Item Finders, you should be able to run less energy effectively. And we’ll also have to cut out of the Grass Energy to give Ditto some DCE. Let’s drop 5 Grass and add in 4 DCE.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 16

2 Shuckle
4 Chikorita

4 Meganium

3 Pinsir

3 Ditto


Trainers - 25

2 Sprout Tower
3 Gold Berry

2 Resistance Lowering Gym
4 Professor Oak

4 Pokemon Breeder

4 Computer Search
3 Plus Power

3 Item Finder


Energy – 19

15 Grass Energy

4 Double Colorless Energy





Good luck with Shuckle Showdown, hehe J