Izzy964@aol.com wrote:
> "Mega Psy Deck"
> Energy:24
> 22 Psychic Energy
> 2 Water Energy
> Trainers:17
> 1 Resistance Gym
> 1 Here Comes Team Rocket
> 1 Gambler
> 1 Energy Search
> 1 Energy Retrieval
> 1 NGR
> 1 Sabrina's Psychic Control
> 2 Switch
> 2 Full Heal
> 2 Bill
> 4 Potion
> Pokémon:19
> 2 Abra (Base Set)
> 1 Abra (Rocket)
> 2 Kadabra
> 1 Alakazam
> 1 Sabrina's Abra (Gym Heroes)
> 1 Sabrina's Abra (Gym Challenge)(Lv.12)
> 1 Sabrina's Abra(Lv.18)
> 2 Sabrina's Kadabra
> 1 Sabrina's Alakazam
> 2 Sabrina's Psyduck
> 1 Sabrina's Golduck
> 1 Mr. Mime
> 1 Movie Promo Mewtwo
> 1 Rocket's Mewtwo
> 1 Ancient Mew
> Stragedy: They're are a few stragedies for this deck.1. Use Alakazam's
> Damage
> swap Power to move damage Counters to every Pokémon on the bench.Then
> use
> Sabrina's Golduck's Damage shift to heal my Pokémon and damage my
> opponent's
> active one. 2. Each turn after I use Sabrina's Alakazam's Mega Burn, I
> use my
> benched Rocket's Mewtwo's Psyburn to keep attacking. I use Resistance
> Gym to
> attack Colorless cards. I'm open to any suggestion. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for sending your deck to my garage.. Sabrinas alakazam deck
eh? well it needs alot of work.. for 1 ancient mew is banned from
tournament play so we will toss that out. or you could leave it in if
you play in the league or something.. anyway... lets fix this deck.

Pokemon: You have way too many of one thing.. lets make is so that you
have the strong psychic pokemon on the bench to do their moves with the

Pokemon: 18

4 Sabrina's Abra (with Quick attack)
2 Sabrina's Kadabra
3 Sabrina's Alakazam
3 Movie Promo Mewtwo
3 Rockets Mewtwo
3 Mr. Mime

Trainers: lets get sabrinas alakazam out fast.. lets throw in a few
breeders also lets add Sabrina's in here too. if your alakazam is gonna
get knocked out just move all the energy onto another alakazam and keep
on attacking. Or you can chance it and do juxtapose and get rid of all
your damage!

Trainers: 27
4 Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 resistance gym (Or sprout tower) [if your area still plays wigglys]
4 Breeder
4 Gold Berry
3 Sabrina
3 Night Garbage run

Energy: You dont need alot of energy cos most of these pokes can attack
with 1 or 2 psychic energys so we dont need more than 20. And you can
just absorb most of the discarded energys with promo mewtwo

Energy: 15
15 Psychic Energy

And there you have it... Getting alakzam out first and doing absorption
and meditate and psyburn's . Most colorless pokemon will have trouble
going up against psychic with resistance gym out. I hope this fix helps
you in the future and again thanks for sending it. BYE!