Occult Powers
3 psyduck
3 cleffa
3 sneasel
4 (r) oddish
4 dark gloom
3 dark vileplume (misprint)
3 Murkrow
4 pokemon traders
3 oak
3 bill
3 berry
2 Breeder
1 IOr
2 Sprout Tower
4 Dark
6 Psychic
2 Rainbow
  My basic strategy is to have psyduck out on turn one using headache
while using CPU, Trader, and Oak to get
out the Vileplume line. I usually want to gust out a Scyther,
Wigglytuff(Sprout Tower) or mewtwo and lock em
in Murkrow.  I usually want a Gloom, and a Vileplume out so I can
confuse and stop trainers. After that I either
power up a Sneasel to take them out or slowly kill them with Murkrow.
The berry is for a little healing due to all
to low hp pokes I have. Traders are for Creature Control and Sprout
Tower are for Wigglys.
  I usually have trouble with other Sneasels or fast Trappers, I also
have a problem with ER but I don't know
what to take out. I win 75% of time and thats usually if I go first or
get the Lock in by turn 2 or 3. I was also
considering replaing the psyducks with lass so I can use Cleffa-Lass
combo but I think psyduck is more reliable. I
am asking for your expertise and for little tweaks to make it faster.

Okay lets see here......Oh yeah Hi by the way thanks for sending in this
intresting deck. A use for murkrow.

Pokemon:Okay lets see here... lets drop the gloom and add d. vileplume
in it

Pokemon: 22
3 psyduck
3 cleffa
3 sneasel
4 (r) oddish
2 dark gloom
4 dark vileplume (misprint)
3 Murkrow

Trainers: Hmmm lets add the boss's way that way its a free card to get
dark vileplume or gloom. lets lose the berry and add gold berry, lets
also lose the GOW cos with dark plume out why bother?

Trainers 24
4 Boss's Way
3 oak
4 bill
3 Gold berry
3 Breeder
3 Sprout Tower
Energy: hmmm lets drop the full heal energy and add 2 more rainbow
energys... that way you have 4 special dark and 4 Basic Dark Energys
4 Dark
6 Psychic
4 Rainbow

And there you go.... Try getting Dark Vileplume out quick so no trainers
can be used.. play the sprout tower before you put dark vileplume down..
that will make almost all colorless pokemon useless.. Thanks for sending
your deck to me I hope this deck fix helps you out. BYE!