i made a deck that is called Fire Power this is my deck

(18) Pokemon

2 Cyndaquil (one with 50 HP and one with 40 HP)
2 Quilava (one with 70 HP and one with 60 HP)
1 Typhlosion (LV. 55)
1 Magby
2 Magmar (NEO)
1 Entei (Neo2 promo)
2 Horsea (NEO)
2 Seadra (NEO)
1 Kingdra
2 Marill (NEO NOT PROMO)
1 Azumarill

(12) Trainers

3 Potion's
3 PlusPower's
1 Bill's Teleporter
1 Super Rod
1 Professor Elm
1 Berry
1 Gold Berry
1 Miracle Berry

(30) Energy's

15 Fire
15 Water

My Name is Isaac
I'm a Expert Trainer
I have olny lost 2 times with this deck
My E-mail is Togie175@aol.com

Hello Isaac..... Expert trainer huh? so why does the expert trainer send
his expert deck to me? ^_^ anyway..... this deck is really bad.... worse
than a theme deck. but all theme decks suck anyway lets turn this deck
into something more better.

Pokemon: Okay i dont really know what you are trying to do here you have
a weird combination of pokemon here. Obviously ill leave the typhlosion
cos of its pokemon power.. Neo magmar sucks sorry it just does add
fossil magmar... and lets see if i can throw in another fire type in
this deck..hmmmmmm on second thought we wont.. anyway heres what ill

Pokemon: 19
4 Cyndaquil (Lv.21)
3 Quilava (with char of course.)
3 Typhlosion (Lv. 55)
4 Fossil Magmar
3 Chansey (stall of course)
2 Ditto

Trainers: I see no trainer help at all here...... needs a complete

Trainers: 25
3 Oak
2 Elm
3 Computer search
2 item finder
3 Pokemon Breeder
3 Night Garbage Run
3 Scoop Up
3 Sprout Tower
3 Gust Of Wind

Energy: You dont need too much energy..... so lets add......

Energy: 16

13 Fire Energy
 3 Double Colorless energy

There you go... i hope the expert trainer can control this deck ^_~
thanks for sending it in later!