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Mysterious Disappearing Doll
Deck Type: Stall
February 28, 2001


Heya all!

I thought this was a really cool stall deck!  It's a great original idea, and from someone that is more concerned with playing a fun deck than obsessed with winning... and guess what? He still wins! Hehe! You gotta love it! And on to Stallerdad's submission:

I realize I don't have 8 Pokemon/evolution, but hoping you'll be intrigued

Name: Edward Ebersole

Email Address: pichumasters@aol.com

Skill Level: novice

Speed Metagame in your area: medium-fast

Strategy of your deck: 1) Stall them out
                                2) Annoy them
                                3) Use underused cards
I use Drowzee to sleep them, as Chansey has rarely had enough energy to
Scrunch, and Fossil/Dolls aren't bothered by tails either. ( I just added in
the DCE this week, for a shot at taking out Cleffas, and maybe Scrunching)
I use the Fossils and Dolls with Focus Bands to stall while I slowly draw
Poke Centers and the like, and just to annoy.
I use Aipom to fluff my deck a little, and maybe get back some trainers into
The recycle energies are mostly for retreating Chansey for Fuji, altho I can
occasionally manage to Scrunch if  I don't put Chansey to sleep.

Deck Name: (Open to suggestions here, too)
                    Mysterious Disappearing Doll
Deck Listing

4 Chansey
3 TR Drowzee
3 Aipom

4 Mysterious Fossil
4 Clefairy Doll
4 Pokemon Center
4 Fuji
4 Scoop Up
4 Super Potion
4 Gold Berry
4 Focus Band
4 Mary
3 Elm

Energy Types
4 Recycle Energy

How does your deck do?:
Have about a 8-2 record with it in League play. All the rest of 'em are
novices at best; the two that are ready to move up can beat me with about
anything I play.
I have yet to lose to a Raindance( somehow those are the people that are
available when I am, 5 games), even tho one worried me with bench damage, but
I learned from it.
A hated Haymaker beat me with little trouble- but then he was the best in the
league til he moved. And of course, my son, 2nd best in the League now, AND a
lucky flipper, beats it with his Trap.

Other info you feel is important:

 I'm not really trying for a tournament level with this one. I just like it
when it takes Blastoise 2 hits to take out a Doll because of Focus Band; or 3
turns because of Drowzee and Focus Band.

I'm not really happy with the double-edge solution to Cleffa, but haven't
identified a bench hitter that will fit in here yet (any recommendations from
Neo2 or 3? I'm not very familiar with them yet).

I would like to develop SOME protection from Traps, but I think my kid has
the only real Trap around here. I don't seem to need to draw very fast, and
it seems to be more efficient the longer it lasts.

I tried Tickle Machine/IPO with this deck, but it just didn't work for me and
I put 'em in the Wildfire.

Yes, we also possess Trap, Raindance, and the like, but I enjoy tinkering.
I've been known to play hooky from work to tweak/make decks (like today)

If you care to post this, feel free to cut out any of the meaningless
chatter. Thanks for your time, Stallerdad


Hey, Stallerdad...

Let me say that I admire your originality!  Coolness!  There are just a few changes I'd make... and as you say, you have all the power cards, but choose to play something fun.  So I'm not really going to try for DCI tournament worthy here... just some minor tweaking so to keep the great theme intact.


Sounds good to me....


Mary has no advantage here since you are not Oaking away anything... Erika is a much more useful choice in this deck, as it gives your hand more cards AND you get your opponent closer to decking if they decide to draw.  Your Fossils and Dolls and other trainers are really useful, so we'll add Item Finder to get any discarded ones you need back.


I think another DCE should be helpful with Chansey and scrunching when necessary.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #10
4 Chansey
3 TR Drowzee
3 Aipom

Trainers - #42
4 Mysterious Fossil
4 Clefairy Doll
4 Pokémon Center
3 Fuji
4 Scoop Up
4 Super Potion
4 Gold Berry
4 Focus Band
4 Erika
3 Elm
4 Item Finder

Energy - #8
4 Recycle Energy


Have fun with this one!!!!

 ~ Doll

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