>From: "Yun" <ychen@san.rr.com>
>To: <zluther@hotmail.com>
>Subject: thunder wave
>Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 08:05:27 -0800
>hey z! i'm Tim and i just made a deck called Thunder wave. half of my deck
>has to do with energys. what do you think?
>x 2 D.C. energys
>x 28 lightning enrgys
>x 4 electabuzz
>x 2 fossil zapdose
>x 2 base zapdose
>x 3 base pikachu
>x 2 base raichu
>x 3 eevee
>x 2 jolteon
>x 1 kangaskhan
>x 2 potion
>x 2 super potion
>x 2 enrgy removal
>x 2 super energy removal
>x 3 energy retrieval
>the strategy of this deck is  to get out kangaskahn to stall to do fetch to
>get the more powerful cards. get the right  energys to attack.-tim
Too much energy is what I think.  30 E is usually not necessary, and takes
up valuable room for other useful cards.  We'll cut that down to size
though, don't you worry.

Okay, let's check out the pokemon.  4 Buzz?  Check.  Uh... wait, what are
these base Zappies doing here?  I know they have nice HP and resistance to
fighting, but they're really not worth it.  Leave in the two fossil Zappies,

Next up is... base set Pikachu?  No, no, no.  Jungle is better, and the
league promo is even better than that, if you can get your hands on some. 
Switch those in posthaste.  Base Raichu is good, so go ahead and stick with

You might want to just drop Eevee and Jolty... I don't think their abilities
are worth the room they take up.  You can replace with 3 Scyther -- you
needed some more fighting resistance.

You really only mention Kangaskhan in your strategy... I find that odd, due
to the fact that you have only one in here.  Still, I don't think you should
add any.

Trainer Time: take out the potions and super-duper potions.  Add more ER and
SER.  Woah, you have no Oak/Bill.  Drop E to make room for 3 Bill/2 Oak. 
Also drop E for 2 Scoops, 3 GoW, maybe a CompSearch or two... and if you
think there's room, maybe an ItemFinder.  PlusPower could also be helpful,
so add in 3 if you find the room.

Your trainers were the weakest point of this deck.  If you want a look at
some good trainer packages, check out some older deck fixes.  They'll
basically be what I told you here, but you'll see more of a card list.

Overall, not too bad... too much E and too few trainers, those were the
problems.  Good luck!


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