>From: Seamorebns@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: "Rumbling Flames" (Pokemon deck)
>Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 17:17:57 EST
>Hi this is my Pokemon deck called "Rumbling Flames".  I will explain the
>cards as I go but the main strategy is to have a Haymaker that can counter
>its weaknesses.  The 'puff and 'buzz have fighting weakness, but Farfetch'd
>counters that.  Magmar is weak to water, but 'buzz can easily take out most
>water Pokemon.  I am thinking of putting Scyther instead of the Farfetch'd
>because fire is very uncommon in the area, he has the same great
>and he has more HP and will counter Pokmon like Poliwrath and Gyrados that
>have weakness to grass and can easily KO Magmar.  Anyway, here goes:
>13 Pokemon (low, but it's OK I think)
>4 fossil Magmar (high HP and awesome low cost attacks, and water isn't a
>part of my metagame)
>3 Electabuzz (I simply love him)
>3 Farfetch'd (better attacks than Scyther IMHO, resistance)
>3 Jigglypuff (only in here to handle psychic decks, that's basically the
>22 Trainers (I might put an Item finder or two in, and also SER and another
>plus power and Oak):
>4 Energy removal
>4 Bill
>4 Gust of wind
>3 Scoop Up
>3 Energy search (needed sometimes for Magmar)
>3 Plus power
>1 Professor Oak
>25 Energy:
>13 Fire
>9 Lightning
>3 DCE (Farfetch'd)
>Ok, please give me some advice.  It can beat all of my friend's decks but
>tournaments around here the competition is tough.  I can normally beat
>half the decks but the rest just beat me by maybe 1 or 2 prizes.  It makes
>frustrated and I don't know what to do.  As a final note, Jigglypuff is to
>handle all the promo Mewtwo and Alakazam in this area.  Psychic is VERY
>popular (I once had it 3 color with Machop but with all the psychic around
>was a hindrance)
>Anyway, lemme know what you think.  (And posting it would be cool :-)
This is quite good.  What you have is a Fire/Light haymaker, which has
become one of the best decks since the coming of Fossil.  As I said, it's
already good... but we'll find some ways to make it even better.

First off are the pokemon.  I like what you have for the most part, but do
replace Farfetch'd with Scyther ASAP.  You know the reasons; heck, you
listed the reasons in your strategy. ^_^  As far as the colourless
anti-psychics go, Jiggly is great for the small Psyfries, but you probably
want someone bigger for a promo Mewtwo.  Enter Kangaskhan.  I'd suggest
replacing one Jiggly with a Kangy.

Okay, let's go to the tough part of the deck -- the trainers.  Tough because
you have a lot of goodies in here already, but we'll need to find room for
some more.  Start off by dropping a Bill for an Oak; I believe you'll find
3/2 works better than 4/1.  You can also drop an ER and a GoW for two SER. 
Leave the PlusPowers at 3... if you add in anything else, make it a SER. 
Oh, and in some ways ERetrieval works better than ESearch... you can test
both, and decide which you like better.

The energy looks ver nice.  If you decide you don't need something else,
though, you might add another DCE... I just think they come in handy.

Hey, you're set!  Nice job on this one, and good luck to you.


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