>From: I3a11ardc@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: "blind smackdown"....help!
>Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 23:03:23 EST
>hey Z
>....i've just started pokemon not too long ago and i need some help...i
>it isn't that good of a deck but i wanna see how to improve it...im tryin
>go for a fast hittin deck that can last till the end if needed and still
>win....my hitmonchans and scythers and jiggly puffs and farfetch'ds lead
>attack while my wiggly tuffs and chansey finish the game if it goes on too
>long.....well here it is
>"blind smackdown"
>pokemon "16"
>4 hitmonchans
>3 wigglytuffs
>4 jiggly puffs
>2 scythers
>2 farfetch'ds
>1 chansey
>trainers "17"
>3 fujis
>3 enery retrievals
>3 oaks
>4 ers
>2 gows
>2 plus powers
>energy "27"
>23 fightin
>3 leaf
>1 double colorless
Well, well, well.  A young version of the wigglymaker -- and not too bad of
one at that.

Let's start with energy today.  You have 27 E and 3 ERetrieval.  I don't
think all this E will be necessary, so we shall drop some to make room for
trainers.  Start off by dropping the Grass E... Scyther doesn't need it.  If
you REALLY want to Swords Dance, then replace Fight E with Grass; no matter
how you look at it, 3 Grass E simply won't be effective.  More important to
Scyther than Grass is DCE... so I'd suggest you trade out the Grass for DCE

The pokemon look pretty good... I don't know why you're still using
Farfetch'd, though.  Use Scyther -- 3 should be enough -- and you'll gain a
card slot in the process.  You might also consider Kangaskhan instead of
Chansey, but Chansey will be fine if you choose to stick with her.

As for trainers, you need some Bills and some SER.  I think you're pretty
much set other than that.  So... drop energy to make room for 2 SER and 2
Bill, then drop an ERemoval for another Bill.

I like Scoops in this kind of deck, so I'd suggest replacing the Fujis with
Scoops.  If you find, however, that you deck yourself regularly you could go
back to Fuji.  That's more of a personal luck/taste thing.

So: you've done a pretty good job with this; it's not very original, but it
should win a good many games.  Good luck.


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