>From: Ravi Udeshi <mystix20@yahoo.com>
>To: zach@pojo.com
>Subject: DECK: Fetch the PsiKick
>Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:03:43 -0800 (PST)
>Dear Z,
>This is my deck.  I have developed it recently.  I
>will tell you the strategy of it at the bottom.  So
>here is
>Fetch the PsiKick
>3 Promo Mewtwo- Great Card; ERs useless against him
>2 Mr. Mime- Rain Dance Killer, Can be used to stall
>for a while
>3 Hitmonchan- Fast Killer
>2 Hitmonlee- Bench Killer, Like Hitmonchan for 2nd
>2 Kangaskhan- Use to stall or for Fetch; can be used
>in a close situation if need be
>2 Computer Search- search, search, search,
>3 Professor Oak-  Get to those good cards
>3 Bill- Same as Oak
>2 Scoop Up- Pick up damaged Pokemon
>2 Pluspower- extra damage, could be first turn win
>1 Energy Removal- annoy opponent
>2 Super Energy Removal- annoy opponent even more
>4 Gust of wind- bring out squirtles, abras, magikarps,
>etc. And kill them
>2 Item Finder- bring back any trainer
>1 Super Potion- takes away damage; can be used in a
>3 Potion- same as Super Potion
>2 Switch- Takes care of 2 and 3 retreat costs
>1 Recycle- Works like item finder, but can bring back
>9 Psychic Energy
>7 Fighting Energy
>4 DCE- can be used to retreat, SER or for Kangaskhan
>Okay, Iíve told you about each card so far.  The
>strategy of this deck is the same as a haymaker, but
>doesnít use conventional haymaker pokemon.  Movie
>Mewtwo is my heavy hitter.  Mr. Mime can handle
>Hitmonchan can be used against psi-resistant pokemon.
>Same with lee, but he can do more damage, and destroy
>the bench. Kangaskhan to stall or fetch.  These are
>the only two colors that compliment each other.  Come
>up against a psi-resistant pokemon when using your
>psychic, switch to fighting.  Come up against a psi
>pokemon when battling with fighting, use psychic to
>kill.  Please tell me what I can do to perfect this
>deck.  I believe that it could be a tourney contender,
>if perfected.  I KNOW that the energy is low, but I
>like everything in here.
>Ravi Udeshi
>PS.  There are 4 gust of winds to increase chances of
>getting one on your opening hand.  They will kill
>pokemon that are being beefed up on the bench.  Please
>do not take any out, unless you have to
>PPS.  Please Reply ASAP as I am entering a tournement
I see where you're going with this.  Powerful Psy, fighting to take care of
those colourless stick-in-the-muds... a quasi-haymaker.  In that light,
then, I'll present my suggestions.

Number one: Where on Earth did you get the insane notion that 7 Fight E will
be enough to power the Hitmos?  Even the standard Hay uses 12 or so, and it
doesn't have 'Lee.  We'll have to up that dramatically.  Lucky for you, I
see some candidates for cutting.

I'll do something unusual here, and skip to the trainers right away.  What
you have is pretty good, but you have some questionable choices in here. 
Drop the potions, super-duper potion, switches, and the recycle.  I think
you can also get away with dropping one GoW, but if you like 4 that's fine.

Now to add in some trainers: I like the Scoops, so let's put in another. 
With your miniscule energy here, I think Retrieval should be mandatory -- so
let's put in two.

We still have 5 card slots open, so let's put in some more energy.  I'd say
10 Psy/10 Fight -- and I'm not sure you need all 4 DCE.  With only two
Kangaskhan, you might do just as well with only 3 DCE, unless you're
counting on Comet Punch as a primary weapon.  If you decide to drop the DCE,
replace it with 2 ERemoval (we had a card slot left over).  If you chose not
to drop a GoW, you can probably drop to 2 DCE to make room for that third
ER.  You're a little short on those.

Not bad overall... I don't think I made any changes to the pokemon.  Pretty
nice job with this deck, and good luck.


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