sup souper,

well i want to enter a tournament with my deck. but the problem is that i
dont know id it can go all the way.  i want to make sure it is the best deck
it can be.  so i want your opinion on how to improve the deck if neccesary. 
and before you make any changes please tell me if i deck has potential to win
1st place in a tourney and plz give me your honest opinion. THANX!!!

4x hitmonchan
4x electabuzz
4x fossil magmar

3x scoop up
3x ser
2x er
3x bill
2x gambler
3x switch
2x potion
4x pluspower
2x gow

8x fighting
8x electric
8x fire

well thats it and plz respond. thanx any help is widley appreciated!!! thanx
agian souper!!!
    Haymakers normally have a good chance of getting to the top in a tourney,
but you still need to be careful.  Haymaker vs Haymaker can be difficult,
because it nomally becomes a battle of weakness and coinflips.  Three colors
can help you there, since you're more able to take advantage of your
opponent's weakness.  But you don't always get the right energy with three
colors.  I see some pretty good potential with this one, though, because
Magmar and Buzz can attack with only one energy of their color.  Hitmonchan
will be dropped first, because of the overwhelming popularity of Promo
Mewtwo.  I'd then add three Mewtwo in his place.  Mewtwo can recycle energy,
so he works better than Chan.  You still have the Psychic weakness, but so do
other Mewtwos, so you should be okay if you're careful.
    Now let's look at the Trainers.  The problem with a three color deck is
much more space is used in Pokémon and Energy, and you can't always use all
the trainers you want.  First, the drops.  Take out Potions, they don't do
enough to deserve the space they take up.  Gambler can be good since you
don't discard, but it's too risky to rely on Gamblers alone without Prof.
Oaks.  Take out the Gamblers and one Scoop up and add two Energy Removal, a
Bill, and two Prof. Oak.  With your Energy so spread out, you need to be
careful with discarding.  With the four ERs, two SERs will work well enough,
take out one.  Use the last two spaces for two Com. Search.

Pokémon (11)
3 Mewtwo
4 Electabuzz
4 Magmar

Trainers (25)
2 Scoop Up
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Removal
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
3 Switch
4 Pluspower
2 Gust of Wind
2 Com. Search

Energy (24)
8 Fighting
8 Electric
8 Fire

Three colors are harder to use, but if you're careful with energy and
weakness, you should be okay.  Good luck in your tourney!

                                    ~ Souper ~