Fighting Petals

Energy -
    15 Grass Energy
    13 Fighting Energy
    2 Double Colorless

Grass Pokemon -
    3 Bulbasaur
    2 Ivysaur
    1 Venusaur
    3 Oddish
    1 Gloom
    2 Vileplume
    1 Pinsir

Fighting Pokemon -
    3 Machop
    2 Machoke
    1 Hitmonlee
    1 Hitmonchan

Trainers -
    2 Super Potion
    2 Gust of Wind
    2 Pokemon Breeder
    2 Super Energy Removal
    1 Bill
    1 Pokemon Trader

    The strategy of Fighting Petals is to get out the Fighting Pokemon and
keep up a fight until you can break out Venusaur, Vileplume, and Pinsir to
aid those Fighting Pokemon.
    The point of Venusaur is to transfer energy off of Pokemon that are sure
to take a fall in battle soon, and to put it onto a Pokemon who requires it.
Also, the energy can be stockpiled on a few pokemon and the distributed.
    The point of Vileplume is to try to deal as much damage as possible in
one turn with as little energy as required. His Pokemon Power: Heal is a real
helper in some situations.
    If no powerful Fighting Pokemon or Pinsir are drawn in the first few
turns, Oddish and Bulbasuar can hold there own against lower level Pokemon.
Once those lower level Pokemon start to evolve up and build up energy, you
can play a Super Energy Removal to hold up the killing until your pokemon are
at their full potential.

    Bill will help you get those few extra cards you need.
    Pokemon Trader can help bring out Venusaur or Vileplume.        (Or any
others needed.)
    Pokemon Breeder is to Evolve quick without all the necessary             
    Gust of Wind help bring out low HP Pokemon for the KO
    Super Potion is for a little extra health when needed.

    How can I improve this deck?   

This deck was put together by Trevor J. Anderson. Any questions can be
E-mailed to
    This could be a fairly good deck, but right now it has a few too many
families.  And with two Stage Twos in a deck, the Trainers have to be precise
to make sure they get out when you need them.  Since the main thing you have
to consider in a heavy evolution deck is getting them evolved as quickly as
possible, your trainers should have heavy card drawing.  The families need
some work too, so let's get started.  First, especially if a card is a major
part of the deck, ADD MORE THAN ONE.  It's funny when I get Charizard decks
with one Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard.  Common sense, people...  In
this case it's not that bad, at least the evolutions are pretty much
pyramided (Is that a word?).  Just take them both up to 4/2/2 (The breeders
take care of a couple Stage Ones).  Now you'll need to cut down on some other
families to make up for the cards added, since you're now at 64 cards.  But
before you start taking out Pokémon, you can cut back on your energy.  30 is
high for a fire deck, and they discard to attack.  Take out four Grass and
two Fighting.  Machop and Machoke are okay, but a few more Hitmonchans
instead would work better.  Take out the Machops and Machokes for three more
Hitmonchan.  Take out that lone Hitmonlee; he deals more, but for bigger
Energy costs and has less HP than Chan.  He'll be destroyed by Energy
Removal.  And take out the Pinsir for two of the better alternative, Scyther.

    On to the Trainers.  As I said before, you need a lot of card drawing. 
Super Potions go, they are just a waste of space since they don't do much to
help you, and you don't have much space left.  Energy Removal is good, but
you don't have enough room here for it, since you'd need about six spaces for
the Removals and Supers.  Take out those two Supers and add three Bill and
two Prof. Oak.  Take out the Trader for two of the more versatile Computer
Search.  The last problem I see is the fact that Vileplume confuses itself,
perhaps some Switches would be beneficial.  Since Venusaur will be
controlling the Energy and your only Pokémon that use Double Colorless are
two Scyther, take out the DCE and add three Switch and another Grass Energy.
Pokémon (22)
4 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
4 Oddish
2 Gloom
2 Vileplume
2 Scyther
4 Hitmonchan

Trainers (15)
2 Gust of Wind
2 Pokemon Breeder
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
2 Com. Search
3 Switch

Energy (23)
12 Grass Energy
11 Fighting Energy

This should work better, the families and Trainers are more balanced.  You
need to be careful with Vileplume, though.  Since it confuses itself, you
don't want it to be your only attacking Pokémon.  Attack with Scyther,
Hitmonchan, and possibly Venusaur himself and save Vileplume for when high
damage is necessary or you have Switches in your hand.  In the meantime, you
can use his Heal Poképower on other Pokémon from the bench.  The fighting
half looks small, but those Hitmonchans will give your opponent enough
trouble to make up for it.  Since there aren't many other good Fighting
alternatives anyway, just stick with Chan.  Good luck!

                                            ~ Souper ~