hey. i call this deck my wave maker because its partly
haymaker and wiggly wave. I think its a pretty good
deck because i've defeated about everybody i've played
without much defeats. i just want some feedback on
this deck and some suggestions about how i could make
it even better like adding specific trainers, pokemon,
more energy, etc...


19-fighting energies
7-grass energies

2-scoop ups
1-comp search
2-energy removals
2-professor oaks
1-gust of wind
2-super energy removals

thats about it
    We have another Mathematician, folks!  A grand total of 59 cards!  I wish
people would at least care enough to count the cards in their deck...  It
looks like most of the work here is in the trainers, but the Pokémon and
Energies need some balance too.  Let's work with the Pokémon first. 
Lickitung doesn't really fit the haymaker theme, he doesn't deal much damage
and has a high retreat.  Take it out, along with one Wigglytuff.  I know I've
said this before, but unless you have a good reason, you normally want to
pyramid evolutions; in this case, 4/3.  Hitmonchan has recently lost a lot of
usefulness because of all the Scyther and Promo Mewtwo out there now, I'd
switch them with four of those Mewtwo. 
    Let's get to the Energy next.  The only time you might use 30 Energy is
in heavy-discarding fire decks, and thirty is high even in those.  Since we
switched Fighting for Psychic, make the Fighting Energy Psychic and take it
down to 12 of those.  Take out the Grass energy too.  I see it's for
Scyther's Sword Dance, but with the heavy Energy Removal environment out
there now, Sword Dance is difficult to use.  Also, I'm going to add another
type to back up the 'Tuff and Mewtwo, I think Electric.  Add 10 Electric
Energy and three Base Electabuzz.  This is one of my favorite Pokémon because
of his fast, strong attacks.  He's very energy efficient, too.  You need a
tad more space for trainers, so drop one Scyther.
    Lastly, the Trainers.  We have four spaces open from previous drops and
the extra space we started with. Take out that Potion and the Scoop Ups and
switch, and add four Bill and another Com. Search for card drawing.  Add
three Pluspower and a Gust.  The last problem I see is you could use a couple
more Removals.  I know it's part of your strategy, but take the Wiggly family
down another notch to 3/2.  My reasoning is, you already have a lot of other
Pokémon, and Do the Wave works better later in the game when you have a full
bench.  Also, Jigglypuff, though fairly good, isn't the best choice to fight
with.  If you have a lot of trouble later finding Wiggly, you might go back
to 4/3, though. 

Pokémon (16)
4 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
4 Mewtwo
2 Scyther
3 Electabuzz

Trainers (18)
2 Com. Search
2 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
4 Pluspower
2 Gust of Wind

Energy (26)
4 Double Colorless
12 Psychic 
10 Electric

Looks a little better, mainly because you have more attacking force and the
Trainers and Energy are more focused.  I kinda threw the types around, but I
stuck to the Wiggly-haymaker theme.  Mewtwo and Scyther can counter 'Tuff and
'Buzz's Fighting weakness too. 

                                            ~ Souper ~