Hey, this is my improved deck. I've beaten all my friends with it. It's a
great deck. I'm going to enter a tournament in a couple days and i need this
deck better. So, here it is...
Dark Dissolver
20 :Pokemon:
3  Abra
2  Kadabra
1  Alakazam
2  Gastly
2  Haunter  (1 fossil)
2  Gengar
1  Mr. Mime
3  Jynx
2  Mewtwo  (1 promo)
2  Mew        (2 promo)

18 :Trainers:
2  Energy Removal
2  Super Energy Removal
2  Potion
2  Super Potion
2  Bill
3  Gust of Wind
2  Plus Power
2  Computer Search
1  Pokemon Trader

22 Psi Energy
    I wish that when I get an Alakazam deck, the person would tell me if it's
a Stall deck or a Swap-While-You-Attack deck.  In this case it's fairly
obvious (to my thought pattern at least) that this person wants to move the
damage from his active while he attacks (Swap-While-You-Attack), as opposed
to stalling into a win, since he has more attacking cards than healing.  I
get many with no specific mention of which it's supposed to be, and I have to
    Anyway, the deck looks like it could use some more focus.  If you have a
lot of diversity or not many multiples (in this case, there's a little bit of
both) in Trainers or Pokémon, you'll have trouble drawing what you need when
you need it.  Let's start by balancing out the Pokémon.  It's difficult to
have more than one Stage 2 in a deck, but since these can run without Energy,
using their Poképowers from the Bench, they can be evolved a little more
quickly.  But you need multiples.  Add one Abra, one Alakazam, two Gastly
(Fossil), and take out the Base Set Haunter for another Fossil one; Fossil
Haunter is a huge improvement, though it could use more HP.  I'm assuming you
aren't playing Base Set Gastly when the Fossil is such a better alternative. 
    Mew is good, but won't help much unless you center the deck on it.  Take
out the Mew.  Jynx is good, but in an Alakazam deck Mr. Mime usually works
better, because of his power and cheaper attack.  Take out the Jynx and add
another Mr. Mime.  Make both Mewtwo promo.
    Let's move on to the trainers.  You'll probably need to take some out for
some more attack force.  Drop Potions and Super Potions, the Energy Removal
and Supers, and add a bill.  Removals are good, but you desperately need
space.  Drop that lone Trader, Com. search is more versatile, and add two
Professor Oak.  The Pluspower don't really fit here either, take them out for
another Mewtwo.  Add three Scoop up and three Chansey to do something with
that damage.  Lastly, take out one Gust and add two Scyther.

Pokémon (26)
4 Abra
2 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
4 Gastly
2 Haunter
2 Gengar
2 Mr. Mime
3 Mewtwo
2 Scyther
3 Chansey

Trainers (12)
3 Bill
2 Gust of Wind
2 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
3 Scoop Up

Energy (22)
22 Psychic

    I don't play much psychic, so this may need some more changes, but I
tried to make it better and stick to the (assumed) theme.  You'll have
trouble with Psy-resistant Pokémon, but scyther will help you out there.  You
still lack some attack force, since Psychic doesn't have much, and might add
another type in place of one of the stage two evolution families.  I don't
want to completely overhaul it, though, so you can decide.  If you do have
problems fighting, you can try to stall.  Good Luck :)

                                            ~ Souper ~