SATOSHI: "...I want to be, the very best, like no one ever wa-" Oh, sorry.
Heheh. I must've been singing. I appologize for putting you all through
that.  ; ) Here's the next deck.

4 Abra (Decent attack,free retreat, and great evo. line)
3 Kadabra (This is the muscle of the line with a 50HP attack)
2 Alakazam (For Pokemon Power, but also has a good attack)
3 Mewtwo (Movie Promo)(Possible second turn attack,conserves energy,GOOD)
3 Mr. Mime (Rain Dance gives me problems.He works wonders on them)
3 Hitmonchan (With my old mono-psy deck, I got ripped apart by a colorless
3 Chansey (Can easily win the game w/double-edge if Alakazam is in, ultimate



3 Gust Of Wind (IMO,the only card that belongs in every deck)
3 Energy Removal (Has saved me many times)
1 Energy Retrieval(This is one of the few cards that works well with only
in deck)    
2 Professor Oak (Useful to get rid of garbage hand or if no hand.VERY smart
3 Pokemon Center (Lets me double-edge more.can stall with it,too)
2 Computer Search (What do you think this is used for?)
2 Super Energy Removal (ER's big bro)


13 Psychic Energy
8 Fighting Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy (power up Chansey.helps retreat since most of my
Pokemon have a high retreat)

This deck has done very well so far. If possible, this can
be partial Haymaker as Hitmonchan has first turn 20HP attack and Mewtwo has
possible 40HP second turn attack. This can also be used as a stall, if
needed. But this deck has what little other decks have:A Chansey as a main
attacker! Mime can take care of high power decks and Alakazam has a great
Power and attack. All but two Pokemon with Psy resistance have Fighting
weakness(Dratini/Dragonair). If I am low on energy or need a bit of
power,Mewtwo can recycle and dish out and take damage (Mewtwo wants a
pollution free Earth). I am sending this to you to see if you have any 
helpful suggestions on how I can possibly make this better. Sorry for the
sentences. Thanks,Satoshi!
SATOSHI: Well, this looks nice. Very nice indeed. Although I don't play one
myself, I've always been a fan of stall decks. Anywho, onto the deck.
Hmmm...the pokemon look great. Adding the hitmonchans was a very good idea,
and shows you thought ahead. That's always good. The chanseys really help,
and nothing can be more annoying than having a pokemon soooo close to dying,
only to have it damage swaped and fully healed. Sweet.
I see great trainers as well. I'm glad to see the good doctor, professor
oak, in here. This make this less of a stall deck, however. Oh, wait...I
guess that stalling wasn't ever the direction of this deck, was it? My
mistake. =)
Whoa. Only 13 psychic energy might give you trouble. If you start to
experience energy problems, try removing a professor oak in favor of a
second energy retrieval. Other than that, this deck looks great.
Well, I've gotta hand it to ya. Very inpressive. In fact...oh, arcanine....

ARCANINE: Arc.[thanks] Arc, arc, canine arc. Arc nine canine arc.[I am proud
to induct this deck, The New Yoga Smash, into the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of

SATOSHI: Thank you, arcanine. Well, that's about it for--huh? Hey!! Sorry,
I've gotta run. It's snowing outside, and some kids have gathered around my
shop's display window and are fogging it up with their breath, then writing
obscene language on it. HEY! Knock it off!! Huh? What's that say?--*gasp!*
Oh, yeah? Well, your mama!! Sorry, I gotta chase these kids away. Later,
pokepeople!! <<grabs broom and rushes out the door>>