SATOSHI: Hi again!! SATOSHI's Shop is open! First custmer, puh-lease....
Hey Satoshi, I liked the various articles by you on this site, so now
that you're a mechanic, I thought I'd send you my deck. Here it is: (I
call it Toxic Thrashing, by the way, named after Nidoking's moves).

3 Nidoran Male
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
3 Grimer
2 Muk
3 Pinsir

3 Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
4 Bill
2 Potion
2 PlusPower
1 Comp. Search
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Energy Retrevial

24 Grass Energy
1 Double Colorless Energy

The strategy is to get out Nidoking by Bills, Comp. Search (I should
probably add 1 or 2 more), and Pokemon Trader (also more) and Toxic
Muk is in there to stop various Pokemon Power decks, Wigglytuff covers
up Muk's and Nidoking's weakness, and Pinsir is in there for fast, cheap
strength from a basic Pokemon.
SATOSHI: Okay, I like the way you covered the various weaknesses(nido and
muk psy weakness; jiggly/wiggly psy resistance). You ratios are also
top-notch. Unfortunately, you are two cards over the limit. Don't worry,
we'll fix it as we go.
Okay, the pokemon look great. As I mentioned before, the weaknesses are
pretty well covered. Let's move on.
This is where most of the changes will be made. The lone energy retrieval
can be taken out in favor of another pokemon trader. Also, I'd remove the
potions for another computer search to get nidoking pumping fast, and
another DCE to power up jiggly/wiggly(and at times nidoking) faster.
Energy looks okay. The 24 grass energy is good, as most of the pokemon take
at least two/three grass energy(not counting colorless energy requirements)
to power up. Good job there. =) However, because we are two cards over,
let's lower the enrgy to 22. Okay, that should still work fine.
All in all, this deck looks good. Toxic's 20 damage per turn is VERY lethal,
especially when your opponent can't afford to retreat, thanks to energy
removals. This is a pretty good deck, and I recommend anyone out there to
try it for themselves. In fact...blastoise...?

BLASTOISE: Blas.[thanks] Blas, blas, toise, toise toise, blas, blastoise.
{We here at SATOSHI's Shop are happy to appoint this deck, Toxic Thrashing,

SATOSHI: Thanks, blastoise. And congratulations to the deck Toxic Thrashing!

So, did you all see the three pokemon episodes saturday? Personally, I think
Ash has a problem. On the "Crystal Onix" episode, after Matao said "I don't
need to catch it, I've got inspiration" Ash did NOTHING. There, in front of
him, lay a CRYSTAL ONIX, and Ash didn't even TRY to capture it!!! Did I miss

Hey, I suggest reading Dr. Crash Landon's recent deck fixes. Not just for
good deck advice, however. It seems his secretary has gone a little...oh, I
don't know...WACKO. Last I checked, she was trying to train Crash's
goldfish. Check it out, it's pretty funny.

Well, that's all for now!!! LATER!