SATOSHI: Here we go...!
Hi Satoshi and Blastoise

Could you please post this? If not then thanks for reading anyway. My deck
called Pyromaniac, and it needs some fixing. It goes the way I want
because I have a second strategy if my first doesn't work. I have 2 two
strategies with this deck.  I can a. Use Mr. Mime's Meditate and his PKMN
Power, and if he gets hit, I'll damage swap him with a Chansey. Or, b. I can
stall with my Chansey, and build up my Ninetails.  And Scyther and Magmar is
in there to back anyone up.

Here is my deck:
(20 Pokemon)
4 Abra
3 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
3 Vulpix
2 Ninetails
2 Magmar (fossil)
2 Chansey
2 Scyther
    (26 Energy)
    13 Psychic
    11 Fire
    2 Double Colorless
        (14 Trainers)
        4 Bill
        3 Prof. Oak
        3 Comp. Search
        2 Energy Removal
        2 Switch
SATOSHI: Looks good. In like the evolution ratios, and scyther is always a
good addition. The only thing I could suggest is to remove the two energy
removal. In their place, put two more fire energy; In order to keep
ninetales up to it's full potential, a good deal of fire enrgy is needed for
his 80 damage fire blast. Other than that, good job. So good, in fact, that
I gonna induct you into the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of Fame!!! Congratulations!!