SATOSHI: Heheh. here's a really cool deck. I especially like the way the
author fit it in with my "space station" theme. =)
MATRIX: Hello, ****--- I see you have a deck garage submission, send it
through this tube.

Dear Satoshi,

I have been using this deck a lot and it is very good, I just want to know
what you think it's record is about 20-1.

1x Mr. Mime
3x Movie Mewtwo
2x Kangaskhan
1x Ditto
2x Jigglypuff
3x Jynx
4x {F} Gastly
3x {F} Haunter
2x {F} Gengar
3x Abra
3x Kadabra
1x Alakazam

(My trainers work very well for me)
3x Bill(instead of OAK because I don't discard, every cards important)
3x Potion(works well with Damage Swap)
1x Super Potion

24x Psy Energy
1x Double Colorless Energy(for Ditto)

I Damage Swap to Kangaskhan, then use Curse to kill Bench, Use Ditto when he

has at least enough energy's to attack with their pokemon.

Thanks, **** (via Pokemon Space Ship)
SATOSHI: Okay, this is a good deck and a good deck REPORT. Notice how he
gave me the stategy and told me if his deck was good or not. Anyway, onto
the deck.
Hmmm...the pokemon only need a few tweaks here and there. The ditto
seems like a major part of your deck, but there's only one. That's not bad,
but you'd increase your chances of getting him if you had more. Now, I'd
take out the lone mr. mime i place of another ditto. He can come in handy in
a pinch, but ditto isn't always reliable(case in point-muk), so be careful
when using him. Also, I'd remove a jynx for another alakazam, since this is
a partial damage swap deck.
Okay, the trainers you said work fine. Still, since you try to swap
the damage to kangaskahn, I'd turn the super potion and a psy energy into
two pokemon centers. Even if you don't however, this deck  still looks
Now, those energy. Just to power up ditto faster, take out two
psychis energy for two DCE. That's all I'd do for energy.
Overall, this looks good. Nice pokemon choices, and the kangaskahn
are a cheap(money-wise) substitute for the costly chansey. Nice work!!
-Stuff That Needs Sayin'-
I really don't know what nintendo is thinking. In Pokemon Gold and
Silver, the pokemon number 251 is "Serebii." And guess what? It's gonna be
just like mew, a secret!! (this is what I heard, people, not what I know) If
this is true, than nintendo is flat out STUPID. Look waht Mew brought.
Endless lists of fake cheats and codes, and eventually people using video
game enhancers to hack into their games, and eventually, having to start the
game over because of the aftermath of a gameshark code. And nintendo is
doing it again!! What a bunch of wackkos....