SATOSHI: Heeeerree's Haymaker!!
Hey Satoshi,
I play the most unoriginal deck,the haymaker. I use 16
pokemon, Chan, buzz, scyther, puff(dang mimes!)
It does well at tourneys. Oh I'll give you my Pokemon League name,"Kid with
good cards." stupid 7 yr olds!
heres the deck:
4 Chan
4 Buzz
4 Scyther
4 Puff
4 ER
4 + power
2 Maintenence
2 Oaks
2 Scoop Up
4 Double Colorless Energy
11 Fighting "
7 Electric "

Thats the deck.Like I said,it does good,but I just wanna see what you say
'bout it.
thankx for ur time,my e-mail,is ********************.
SATOSHI: Well, here's something we don't see every day. A haymaker without
bill. I know this deck is your preference, but please, please, PLEASE
replace the maintenence with bills. It's still you decision, but I would
REALLY recommend it. Also, I'd recommend removing two fighting energy for
two electric energy. But hey, this deck already looks lethal. I'm sure it
would soar without my recommended changes. Very nice job. Good Luck and
Happy Gaming!!