SATOSHI: Back again, shop's open. Here we go!
Hi!  I am having a little trouble with my deck and I was wondering what I
could do to improve it.  Let me tell you a little about how it works:

     I try to bring out Jigglypuff as soon as possible.  I can evolve
Growlithe and Seel into Arcanine and Dewgong.  I can also build up their
high-costing energy requirements.  I can also evolve Jiggly into Wiggly, and
use "Do the Wave." If I can't produce a Jigglypuff, I can also use Magmar.
Well, here it is:

(I haven't thought of a name yet)?

Pokemon (18)
3 Growlithes
3 Magmars
3 Seels
3 Jigglypuffs
2 Arcanines
2 Dewgongs
2 Wigglytuffs

Energy (24)
10 Water Energy
14 Fire Energy

Trainer Cards (18)
3 Potions
3 Energy Removals
3 Bills
3 Computer Searches
2 Energy Retrievals
2 Gust of Winds
2 Energy Searches

Thanks a lot,
SATOSHI: Hmmm...not much to do here. The only thing I would do is take out
the potions in place of 3 double colorless energy. If I remember correctly,
dewgong, arcanine, and jiggly/wiggly can all use DCE. They're always a good
addition to a deck with the famous puff-ball. =) Hmm...comp. searches and
bills can help to get those stage ones out, while the energy retrievals can
help with those discardin' fire-types(those magmars are base, right?) Look's
okay to me. Try it out, and see what needs help. Good Luck and Happy