SATOSHI: Hiyo! here's the next deck...!
This deck has:

3 Weedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
3 Caterpie
3 metapod
2 Butterfree
3 Paras
2 Parasect
3 Scyther
24 grass energy
4 Double colorless energy
3 potion
3 super potion
1 super energy removal
1 computer search

This deck is use by mainly bug pokemon.  Use the Bad Bees to get some posion
going and get the Paras Sporin. Get the Butterfree and scythers to finsh off
the opponets.
SATOSHI: Well, looks pretty good. The only thing I could suggest is to take
out the super potions and add in three pokemon breeders to get those bugs
out faster. Metapod and kakuna are fairly weak, and it's pretty hard to
stand up to the fire-types with *urgghhh* stun/poison spore/powder and
harden...yuck....Anyway, I'd also tkae out either the computer search or
S.E.R., and replace it with another computer search/S.E.R., depending on
which you removed. A warning, though. This deck seems VERY fire-alergic. I'd
be very cautious around any fire-types. In fact, you might try to squeeze in
a few lapras and some water energy, just in case. Of course, it's all up to
you. Energy looks okay, and scyther is always lethal. Good job. =) Good Luck
and Happy Gaming!!!