SATOSHI: Well, here's yet another deck....
Hey, whats up Satoshi. My friend wanted some major deck help, but he doesnt
have the internet. So he told me whats in his deck and wanted me to get a
mechanic to fix it up. Just note that he has an EXTREMELY limited card
supply. I can give him any common or uncommon, but I dont give away rares.
Well, here is the deck.

1 Oak
2 Bill
1 Energy Search
1 Item Finder
1 Scoop
1 Fuji
2 Super Potion
1 Potion
1 Switch
2 Gusts
1 Removal
1 Retrieval

Pokemon & Energy
1 Tauros
1 Fairy
1 Fable

1 Scyther
1 Bellsprout
1 Weepinbell
3 Grass

1 Horsea
1 Seadra
1 Seel
1 Dewgong
1 Krabby
1 Kingler
1 Poliwag
1 Poliwhirl
10 Water

1 Jynx
1 Promo Mewtwo
1 Base
2 Mew
1 Mime
11 Psy

His strategy is like a bodygaurd theme. He attacks with 1 guy and then the
next, and so on. He tries to always have guys to back eachother up. While he
uses strong basics, he builds up evolutions. He's done very well against
some unexperienced players, but my all superior haymaker has never even
given up a prize to him. We would really appreciate your help and hope you
can get around to fixin' it up soon. Thanx! L8er B-P
SATOSHI: Wow! This deck needs help!!! We gotta start fixin', and I mean
Okay, let's get this down to two types. Since grass and water work pretty
well together, let's use those. Okay, so if we remove the psychic portion of
the deck...Yow! that gives us 17 spaces to work with! In fact, let's ditch
the colorless right now we have 21 free spaces. GREAT. We'll need
every one of them.
First, let's work on some good families. Seel and dewgong are fair pokemon,
so let's up their family to 4/3. that's 16 spaces now. Let's remove all the
other water-types and get a clean start. Hmm...up to 22 now....I auctually
think just squirtle and wartortle would work here, so put them in at a 4/3
family ratio as well. 15 spaces left. Staryu is fairly good, so put three of
him in. now, put in three more water energy. 9 spaces, onto the
grass portion.
Grass, grass, grass. Okay, one scyther won't reallly help, so out with him.
In his place, put a bellsprout. now, we'll use four spaces for two more
bellsprout and two more weepinbell. The last five will go in as grass
energy. We'll come back to pokemon later; but right now, let's go onto the
Okay, it looks better here than it did in the pokemon. Still, there's work
to be done. Let's get rid of the energy search, potion, and two super
potion, and put in two more bill and two more grass energy. The energy
retrieval and energy removal can go in favor of two more switch, while the
itemfinder(which really doesn't seem to fit anywhere in this deck)can go for
a third gust of wind. Now, turn the mr. fuji into a scoop up(if at all
possible) and we're all set.
Energy looks okay now. *whew* I really don't think the pokemon look that
bad, so let's see the finished product.
Here's the finished product:

13 water energy
10 grass energy

4 seel
3 dewgong
4 squirtle
3 wartortle
3 staryu

4 bellsprout
3 weepinbell

4 bill
1 professor oak
3 switch
3 gust of wind
2 scoop up

SATOSHI: *whew!!!* Well, this deck had some MAJOR problems in the beginning,
but we seem to have hammered out the dents. You may have lost the
"bodygaurd" theme, but I think this deck is pretty solid. Hope this helped!
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!