SATOSHI: Y'ello! Heeeeeeere we go!
Pokemon (24)
4 Seadras (Agility, 50% chance of invincibilty, Water Gun)
4 Horseas (They suck, but hey, Seadra's worth it around here)
2 Rattatas (Raticate)
2 Raticates (SUPER FANG!!!!)
2 Lapras (Unsinkable Battleship)
2 Jynx (Ugly, but Cool moves and great wall...)
4 Krabbies (Call Friend Useful for Kingler intense hand, Irongrip holds the
pokemon at bay)

Trainers (16)
2 Mr Fuji (Awesome card!)
2 GoW (Sounds like abb. for a nation, but awesome card)
1 SER and
1 ER (I will explain it in a minute)
4 Energy Search (Needed for Jnyx because of shortage of Psys)
2 Maintenances ( I put away two waters and draw....One WATER?!!!!!!)

Energy (20)
4 Psys (I am short,which is why I have searches)
16 Water

I set out one day to metagame. Around my area, I found some interesting
things out:

1. Whenever you play a removal card, a person will be VERY careful and
stingy. Hehehe....Nasty trick, huh?

2. Fire is sacred around my hometown.

3. Muks are played ALOT.

My goal is to pound the oppenent with Water Gun, Crabhammer, and various
other water moves. When I get a Jnyx, I search for Psys and waits until the
late game.

I would loved some better cards, but all my cards got burned by a teacher.
Oh well. I am getting $100 off of them....Hopfully I will get some more
Lapras and Psys.... A some of the Poli-line and Magi-Line would be nice :)
SATOSHI: Okey-dokey. Let's put the finishing touches on this metagame deck,
shall we?
The pokemon look good, I like your choices. ( I agree, jynx's face would
stop a clock! =D )
It looks like the trainers need the most work. I see those maintence cards,
and I am frightened. I'd take them out in favor of another ER and SER. Also,
I'd take out those energy searches for another ER and three more psychic
Energy looks good; like I said, the energy searches can go for an ER and
three more psychic energy. Everything else looks okay.
All in all, this is a very nice deck. I especially like the way you went out
and found the metagme in your area. This always gives the aspiring pokemon
master an advantage. Good work.
Okay, after my second week at the league at Toys 'R Us, I got me a Boulder
Badge. That wasn't the funniest part of this league meeting, however. The
real funny part was watching the other younger competitors argue about how
to get Marril and the "Poke-Gods" in Red, Blue, and Yellow. I swear, they
must've gone on for ten minutes trying to tell me that you needed to "beat
the Elite Four 15 times without talking to anyone" and other nonsense.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. C'ya later, everyone!!!