SATOSHI: Hi again! And good morning!*yawn*Wel, it's about 8:30am here, so I
guess it's time to open up shop. Here's deck number one!
Hi I'm Josten McInnis I have a simple but rare filled Haymaker Deck. I
call it Jaymaker. It has the same strategy as a regular Haymaker but has
3 Chansey Moslty. So Please Email Me back if you put thisin the Garage.

Pokemon 12
3 Hitmonchan
3 Chansey
3 Scyther
3 Electabuzz

Trainers 27
2 Gust of Wind
4 Energy removal
2 Scoop Up
4 Plus power
2 Super Energy removal
4 Bill
3 Pro. Oak
2 Item Finder
2 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval

8 Fighting
7 Electric
4 Double colorless

This deck is undefeated so far and I hope it will stay when you fix it
for me. And If I start losing I'll Know it wasnt Just my fault. But
SATOSHI: Nice. Very nice. I see very little to do here. Oh,'re
two cards short, it seems. I'll add in 2 more electric energy to fix that.
Oh, Blastoise...?

BLASTOISE: Blas[thanks] blas blas toise blas toise toise blas toise blas
blas toise blas![we here at SATOSHI's Shop are happy to make this deck a

SATOSHI: Thanks, buddy. That's all for now. C'ya!