SATOSHI: Well, here I am again. And here's the next deck.
Hey Satoshi,I came up with an unbeatable stall deck
and I wanted to see what you think of it.
Anyways,Here it is...

2x Mewtwo<basic>
4x Gastly<fossil>
50x psy energy
2x Super energy removal
2x Gust of wind

The main idea of this deck is to use Barrier over and over until you've
wasted th opponets energy.Also I put the
Super energy removals in the deck for the same reason.
Just in case I didn't draw a Mewtwo at start,I added Gastly to put the
Pokemon to sleep.
I figured I might need some Gust of wind so I threw some in.
PLEASE post this deck and tell me if any problems you have with it,

SATOSHI: Ummm...well, I think the only thing I could suggest is to remove
the fossil gastlys in favor of two more mewtwo and two mr. mime. Uhhh...I
think this kind of deck is iilegal, though. I thought I heard something
about having to have at lest eight pokemon in a deck...but I'm not sure.
I...guess that's it for now. Later, everyone....

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