SATOSHI: Well, I came to work today to find my stock boy surrounded by
multiple empty bags of Ruffles potato chips. When I ask what he had been
doing, he explained to me that he wanted to see for himself if the
advertisement "you can't eat just one" was true.
This is what I go through every day, folks.
This is my newest deck, it is grass with a bit of colorless, it is currently
on a good winning it is...

25x grass energy
4x DCE
2x Jigglypuff
1x Wigglytuff
1x Kangaskhan
1x Scyther
1x Pinsir
3x Grimer
2x Muk
4x potion
1x Super Potion
4x energy Removal
2x super energy Removal
1x Prof. Oak
4x Plus Power
4x Bill
SATOSHI: Nice. Let's get to work.
Okay, just to increase the chance of getting the pokemon you expect, we're
gonna cut those singles down a bit. No, I would suggest turning that
kangaskahn into a wigglytuff and taking out two potions in favor of a second
pinsir and scyther.
The only thing I could suggest here is to drop the super potion in favor of
another scyther. Everything else looks good.
Energy looks good. Nice job. If you wanted, take out a grass energy for
another jigglypuff, to help that evolution ratio.
All in all, nice deck. You had a sweet pokemon variety to begin with, and
all I really did was improve the ratios.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for-<<looks off screen again>>Hey! Get down from
that shelf!!...No, I positive You can't fly!!...No, Red Bull doesn't really
give you wings!!
What an idiot.