SATOSHI:<<looks off screen>>*sigh* Hi, everyone. Excuse me if I seem a
little frusterated. My recently-hired stock boy seems to think it is funny
to make snowballs out of the frost in the frozen foods display. Anyway, onto
the deck.
Hey Satoshi!!   I'm a HUGE fan of the way you build decks. My deck is
and normal.  Here's how i figure,  normal has resistance to psy,normal has a
weaknes to fighting, fighting is weak against psy!!!  It works out!!  I've
only lost to 3 people out of who knows how many.  So, please fix my deck.


4 fossil gastly
2 fossil haunter
1 base haunter
3 gengar
1 mew
1 kangaskhan
1 mr. mime
1 promo mewtmo
2 jigglypuff
1 wigglytuff
2 rattata
1 raticate
1 mewtwo
2 dratini
2 dragonair
1 dragonite


17 psy
2 DC


4 potion
1 super potion
3 energy retrievels
2 full heals
2 energy removals
1 energy search
1 pokedex
1 computer search

trainers and gastly make up for energy shortage.

Thanks! Adam
SATOSHI:<<looks off screen again>>NO!! Don't squirt apple juice in the
frost!...*sigh*...great. Just great...Clean that up!!!...Yes, I know what it
looks like!...No, it's not funny!...Clean it up! Yeesh. Anyway, let's fix
the deck, okay?
Okay, I think you may have too many singles. So, let's cut down on the
singles. Remove the dragonite and kangaskahn for another jigglypuff and
wigglytuff. Now, make that mew into another mr. mime and that base set
mewtwo into a promo mewtwo. Also, I'd remove the rat family for two more
dratini and another dragonair. There. the pokemon are already looking
Okay, some singles here too. There are also some pretty sad trainers. Okay,
let's make the pokedex into another computer search. I'm also gonna change
the super potion into another energy search. Well, everything else looks
Like you said, the trainers and mewtwo will help here. Let's look at the
finished product:

17 psychic energy
2 double colorless energy

4 gastly(F)
3 haunter(F)
3 gengar
2 mr. mime
2 promo mewtwo
3 jigglypuff
2 wigglytuff
4 dratini
3 dragonair

4 potion
2 full heal
3 energy retrieval
2 energy removal
2 energy search
2 computer search

SATOSHI: Well, it looks good. Turned out nice, don't you think?
We had a few problems in the beginning, but we fixed that. You strategy of
covering the weakness that colorless has to fighting with psychic pokes
might backfire, however. Remember that some fighting have a weakness to the
grass type.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. I'll see-<<loud crash, folowed by a
splat. SATOSHI looks off screen>>Oh, no! What are you
DOING?!!...yeah...huh...Oh. Okay. 'Cept for one thing. Frisbees were created
from EMPTY pie tins! The pie had ALREADY BEEN EATEN when they threw it!
Geez...look at this mess....