SATOSHI: Well, here I am! D'ja miss me?
I'm having trouble with adding trainers to my deck.I'd also like to add a
in for the occasional aerodactyl. Wells here it is:

S.F. Alaska(Catchy name ain't it)
2 Squirtle
2 Blastoise
2 Lapras
2 Articuno
3 Seel
3 Dewgong
4 Bill
4 Prof. Oak
3 Computer Searches
2 Gust of wind
2 Pokemon Breeder
3 Energy Retrival
28 Water energy
Thanx for youre Help I need it!
SATOSHI: Ah yes, the ever popular raindance. Well, we'd better get to work.
For starters, Muk would be a BAD idea. It would cancel out blastosie's
power, making this deck very hard to get going. So, I'm gonna suggest that
we don't add the grimer/muk family. Okay, I'd like to mess with the ratios a
bit, so we'll need space. I'm gonna have to drop the seel/dewgong family.
With six places open now, I'll suggest adding 2 squirtle, 1 blastoise, an
articuno, and two pokemon breeder. This will help get the big guy out and
the articuno will give resistance to the ever-popular htimonchan and his
fighting buddies, and the much-needed weakness to nothing.
Okay, this looks good. Only, I think four professor oak may be overdoing it
a little. So, I'm gonna drop an oak in favor of another lapras. Lapras is a
fairly strong basic, and an expert at killing off mimes and disabling
muks(gotta love confuse ray).
28 energy looks good for this deck.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. C'ya later!