SATOSHI: Welcome to SATOSHI's Shop! And-<<loud thumping and cursing can be
heard from next door>>-grr...Dr. Crash Landon, my next door neighbor, has
been in with one of his patients all morning...I think it's one of the
insane assylum escapees. Anyway, please try to ignore the perpetual "die,
Crash, die" chant from Mr. Landon's office, and let's get to our deck.<<more
cursing and glass shattering can be heard in the background>>
hey, what's up pojo? this is my raindance deck. i want to know ways i can
improve it.


4 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
3 Articuno
3 Lapras

2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Bill
4 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Super Energy Removal

24 Water

Strategy: Well duh! =D Get out Blastoise ASAP and start rain dancing away!
GOW is for those muks. GOW those muks then use confuse ray with lapras and
try to get him confused before he can retreat! Lapras is for mr. mime and to
start off with while u try to get out Blastoise. Articuno is for AFTER you
get out Blastoise. SER is too slow your opponent down.

SATOSHI: Heheh, did I mention how much I LOVE raindance decks? I did? Oh
well, I'll say it again. I LOVE RAINDANCE DECKS!!! Ahem...anyway, onto the
deck fix.
The pokes look great. I would, however, suggest taking out two S.E.R. for
another articuno and another lapras. But, hey, that's just personal opinion.
As I mentioned, take out two S.E.R. in favor of one more of lapras and
articuno. I'd also suggest removing two professor oaks in favor of two more
bills. Again, this deck already rules, so if you don't want to, thatt's
Energy looks great. Good Job!! =D
All around good job, Charizard. The reason I left your name on here is that
I thought there was a bit of irony in a trainer called Charizard that used a
raindance deck. =) Anyway, Great job. So great, in fact, that I'm gonna
induct you into the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of Fame!! Congratulations!!

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. I gotta-<<more muffled screams and glass
shattering. A crazy-looking boy runs past the front window, still in a
straight jacket.>>-split....<<picks up tranquilizer gun, and loads a
dart>>...Well, looks like I'm goin' on a psycho hunt!!<<in Elmer Fudd
accent>> SSSSHHH! Be Vewy Vewy Quiet! I'm Hunting Loonies!