SATOSHI: <<runs into darkened store, lights automatically come on>> *gasp,
gasp, wheeze**looooooong wheeze*
Okay, onto the deck.
Helo my name is ***** please help my Waterpump Deck
My strategy is to get Blastoise very fast by use CPU Search or Prof. Oak or
maybe Bill
then use his pokemon power to attach energy to him or to Gyarados and then
attack the enemy's pokemon very fast. Anyway is my Chansey is useful or
useless, I use it to back up while I try to find Blastoise.<<SATOSHI's Note:
Chansey is fine, although there is no legal way to get blastosie into play
with this deck. We'll fix that, though.>> Here is the list

5 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
4 Magikarp
3 Gyarados
2 Chansey

2 CPU Search
2 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Item Finder
2 Prof. Oak
4 Bill
2 Energy Retrieval

20 water energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
SATOSHI: <<guzzles a bottle of water>>Ahhhh, better. Okay...AHHHHHHHHH!
We've got some work to do!!!
My, my, my. First, by my count, you've only got 57 cards. That's good, as
we'll need those places later. First off, you can only have four of any card
except the basic energy. So, you'll need to drop one squirtle. This looks
like an old school raindance deck, and those magikarp won't stand up to
today's harsh world. Let's rid ourselves of that family, and put in three
lapras and four articuno. There. More basics, and some safe gaurd against
the buzz. Let's move on.
Now, onto the trainers. Let me say there is no LEGAL way to get blastosie
into play. This deck lacks pokemon breeders and wartortles. Now, we have
those four left over spaces, so let's add in four pokemon breeders. Looking
better. Let's move on.
Energy looks fine. 20, along with 2 retrievals, should be oaky. Just don't
put energy on poke that are about to die, and you'll be fine.
Although you had some fairly major problems in the beginning, I can see you
had the relative grasp of the famous raindance deck. That's all for now.
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!